Monday, October 31, 2011

Fragrance Review - Peppermint Vanilla & Pomander

Last week I put a question up on Facebook, asking what you would like to see in our next Video Blog and here are the results:

Our most recent Facebook Question
66% of the votes were to have a review of a new fragrance, which is what I was hoping to do!! (you can see a tiny little picture of me beside my vote!)

For those of you who voted for an overview of our warmers, or a step by step of the easiest way to switch fragrances, no worries! We can definitely do those review in the future and if you'd like, also be sure to visit our Frequently Asked Questions (click here to link directly) page on the web, where you will find some additional details about ScentSationals Warmers and Fragrances. 

And so, here's your next installment of our Video Blog! 


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