Friday, June 29, 2012

June 29th Youtube Review and Give Away!

July 6th UPDATE: Congratulations to:
Megan Sharp!
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Who remembers having tea party's as a child?! I have many fond memories of little china tea sets  with water in the tea pot and if I was really lucky, a cookie to accompany the moment!

While tea party's for little girls may not have changed much, the selection of tea in the market place really has. From fruity to spicy and exotic, there is a huge selection for us to sniff and slurp and love!

For those of us who love the smell and wonderful selection of tea these days, the equally wonderful selection of  ScentSationals tea fragrances is welcome in our homes. These great scents bring forth a bit of nostalgia,  comfort and and an ambiance to welcome all who enter our homes.

Join me at my 'tea party' this week on Youtube, where I am reviewing 5 fragrances; Tea Party, Vanilla Pomegranate Tea, Peach Ginger Tea, Long Island Iced Tea, and  Lemongrass Ginger Tea.

Don't forget to leave your comments directly on Youtube and use our rafflecopter application below to place your daily entries, for your chance to win these five wonderful fragrances!
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Good Luck!

Friday, June 22, 2012

June 22nd Youtube Review and Give Away!

June 29th Update: Congratulations to this week's winner 
Carole Carlson! 
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Who's ready for a tongue twister?! Try saying this five times fast....

Four Fresh Fabulous Fruity Fragrances. 

How did you do? I can get through it twice before I start tripping over my mouth, and so thank goodness that my nose is appreciating these instead! I can pretty much promise that I will NOT be trying to say this on camera during this week's Youtube fragrance review of Mango Peach, Apricot Vanilla, Boysenberry Plum, and Black Raspberry Vanilla

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Best of luck to everyone! 


Friday, June 15, 2012

June 15th Father's Day weekend YouTube Review & Give Away!

June 22nd Update: Congratulations to this week's Give Away Winner:
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It's Father's Day this weekend, what plans do you have? My husband has to work, so 'his' day in the household won't start until late afternoon.

I will be sure to relax 'for' him, and for all Dad's everywhere! That counts as a gift, right??!

In the spirit of relaxing, and enjoying the day, I think that Dad's everywhere would enjoy it if I/we check out some tropical fragrances this week. It is pretty amazing how I can read a man's mind! Who wouldn't want to drift off into a tropical day dream!?

Join me on Youtube this week as I review our  Brazilian Sunset, Tiki Tiki, Sweet Guava and Exotic Dragonfruit fragrances.

The men in your life will be very happy if you win these fragrances and are warming them for many Sunday's to come so be sure to use our raffle application below to place your daily entries! Comments placed on Youtube will all receive an extra entry in the draw!

Good Luck!


Friday, June 8, 2012

June 8th Youtube Review and Give Away!

JUNE 15th Update: Congratulations to this week's winner:
Linda Jucker! 
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My Husband is a 'closet' fragrance lover. This isn't to say that he prefers the smell of the inside of a closet, but rather than he loves our ScentSational's fragrances from a distance, never really offering an opinion on what specific fragrance he wants to have warmed, but always sniffing the air, or the warmer, when no one is looking!

I can tell when he has a preference for one fragrance over another, as he will turn a warmer on earlier in the day than when I get to it, and it seems that he does inquire about what fragrance I am warming when it is something that he likes!

I guess maybe my Husband won't 'ask' for any fragrances as a Father's Day gift, but never-the-less, as part of our celebration FOR Father's day, I will be sure to warm a fragrance that he will like.

I headed back over to our Great Outdoors and Masculine sections of our store, and this week's Youtube review is of a few more *manly* fragrance options that I have come up with! Check out our Dusk, Intrigue, Adventure, and Maverick fragrances!

For your chance to win a set of these four fragrances, visit us on Youtube, like the video, and leave a comment! Each comment that is placed on Youtube will be input as an extra entry into our contest. Want an extra few chances to win? We welcome you to use our Raffle application below to place additional daily entries! 

Good Luck to EVERYONE!


Friday, June 1, 2012

June 1st Youtube Review & Give Away!

UPDATE June 8, 2012 - Congratulations this week to:
 Taura Maudlin!! 
Taura is a second time winner in our Youtube Review and Give Away, so a great example to keep those entries coming!! Taura, I've sent you an email on how to claim your prize!! 

And... the BBQ was great! We had sunny weather that showed up in the early afternoon, and Cherry Parfait was a hit! <3

Summer is finally here, at least in my mind it is, even if the weather is only cooperating on  a part time basis!!

If I was a lover of 'regular' candles, I wouldn't be lighting another match until sometime in the fall. The heat that a candle throws off is more than enough to dissuade me.

However, as Wickless Candle lovers, we get to keep the glow and ambiance of our warmers on year round and even better yet, we get to pick fragrances that reflect the sunny days and lighter moods of the season. So, In preparation for the warmer weather, it is definitely time to start checking out some of our bright and lively fragrances!

I've gathered a few fragrances that I think will suit the season, so please join me on our YouTube channel as I share my thoughts on our ScentSationals Berrylicious, Sugar Cottage, Cherry Pafait, and Cinnamon Vanilla fragrances!

Each of this week's fragrance was a sure fire winner to my nose, and they can be a winning prize in YOUR mailbox if you enter to win this week's Youtube Review & Give Away! Comments left directly on Youtube will receive an extra entry that I will happily place in the draw for you, and please place additional daily entries below via the Rafflecopter application.

Good Luck, and may the sun be with you!

ps... you may notice some of our packaging is a little different in the pics above. These were our old labels and most orders that you receive these days will have the new and improved ones that you see more commonly. :)