Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A Guy's Guide to Gifts - Part 1

My husband is quite possibly THE worst shopper on the face of the planet. I have received Christmas Cactuses for Valentines Day (yes, clearance aisle shopping at its best), men's shoes (I've tried diligently to forget this one) and clothing that isn't even close to my size, style or liking! Pathetic, yes, but I suppose that I should mention that he has also gifted me some amazing things including origami daisies that he made himself and beautiful sentimental gifts that I will keep forever. 

The trick is, I think, that he just needs a little bit of guidance to give his gift giving abilities a bit more spark! And so, for all the husbands, boyfriends, sons (I encourage my son to take a peek) and even brothers who need a little help, please take a moment to review one of our potential shopping lists for your next gifting occasion! 

FOR YOUR MOM - You'll want to gift something that reminds you of her and transports you both back to the good old days of youth. Maybe Cotton Candy takes you both back to a summer carnival or Cinnamon Apple was the essence of her kitchen as you were growing up.  Pick a couple of scents that have that a special connection for you and then pair them with a Love Scroll Warmer to to sit on the table beside her favorite reading chair!!

A Love Scroll Warmer is a great Mom gift!
Nostalgia is the key to a Mother's heart! 
 FOR A SISTER - Sisters can be your best friend and your harshest critic throughout your life so you're going to want to choose carefully here! Pick safe scents that are calming and friendly! Crisp Cucumber and Ocean Breeze are perfect examples! Pair these scents with any color of our Sweet Butterfly plug in warmers and you are sure to win a smile and some sisterly admiration! 

Sweet Butterfly(dragonfly!!) Plug-In

Definitely perfect for a calm and cool sister! 
FOR GRANDMA - For grandma it's time to be traditional and my poll says that you can gift her in one of two ways, both which are sure to make her love you more... if that's even possible! My first suggestion is to pick a garden scent such as Sweet Pea and pair it with a beautiful Garden Swirl Warmer. As a second choice try one of our delectable scents such as Peach Cobbler, which would also gift perfectly with one of our Garden Swirl Warmers; there are 4 colors to choose from! Your Grandma is sure to appreciate the effort that you put into choosing the perfect combination!

Our Garden Swirl Warmer comes in 4 beautiful color choices!

Peach Cobbler... mmm... 

Now, I realize that there are more women in your lives than Mom's, Grandmother's and Sisters... check back on Friday and I'll have some suggestions for the following occassions!

If you are a potential 'gift reciever' rather than a masculine 'gift giver', be sure to send your guy a little help aka the link to this blog! 


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