Sunday, August 28, 2011

Wish you were here...

I sort of wanted to go into the booth and put on a super hero's costume...

Dear ScentSationals Warmer,

I am loving my trip so far! There is unending, amazing scenery every which way that I turn my head and I am in awe that the buildings have survived for so many generations.  The country side is green and lush (might be all the rain!) and everything is as picturesque as we imagined.

The only thing that could have made this trip better is if you had been able to come along! It's just not the same without you, and I can honestly admit that I am counting the days until I am  back in your warm embrace. I fall asleep each night dreaming of you and with your scent calling to my memories....

I guess that I never knew until now how much of a difference that you've made in my life! You make my scenses tingle and I promise that we have many happy memories ahead of us!

See you soon!


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

August is almost over??!

I can't decide whether I want to cheer or cry, as I realize that it is almost the end of August!! Summer has literally flown by and while the days are still hot and I am still managing to do a minimal amount of everything, signs are starting to crop up that September is coming.

One of the most imminent signs that I am seeing are posts and comments from friends whose children are already back in school. I am SO not prepared for this! I have a Step-Daughter finishing her last year of college, a son entering his first year of college and a 13 year old who is about to enter 8th grade. My strategy overall, will be trying to win the 'last parent to buy school supplies' award! lol There's not actually anything I have to get ready or do is there??!

In all honesty, I will definitely enjoy some quiet days at home, but I will also miss the mellow, sleep-in, lazy summer days that we all love :)

And so, as we all say good-bye to another beautiful summer, I vote we sit outside, enjoy a nice scoop of fruity ice cream and start dreaming of snuggly winter days with a sweet cinnamon smells drifting through the house.... oh wait... I was warming No Place Like Home yesterday and already have sweet cinnamon smells! My new vote is to CANCEL WINTER!


Friday, August 19, 2011

And the WINNER is......(insert drumroll please!)

The drum is beating rapidly... I can hear it's rumpa pum pum (silly drum sound effects by my daughter Quin!) resounding through my house... the drum noise is actually shaking my warmers and encouraging me to change one of my fragrances to one of our lovely prize options!!

For those of you just tuning in, (note the musical reference there, ie: drums and such!) This is our grand announcement of the contest winner for 4 of our beautiful new fragrances and a fabulous Plug-in warmer!

This prize is pretty sweet, especially seeing that all that our entrants had to do was 'like' us on Facebook, or follow our blog or tweet us etc... so many easy ways to enter! It's not like anyone had to swim laps or hold their breath or actually learn how to use a drum! I guess that is why we had soooo many entries! Thanks to all of you for participating, and even if you are not the winner, be sure to stay tuned as we have regular contests and opportunities for you to win some great products!

The contest officially ended on Aug 18th at 11:59 MST and I chose the winner via (lucky number 55). Please note that our winner has 48 hours to reply before I have to choose a new one... which would be a shame!

And so.... without further delay, check your emails! Our winner's name is Carrie and I just emailed her! CONGRATULATIONS and happy smells!!


Tuesday, August 16, 2011

What's in a ScentSationals Name?

"What's in a name? That which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet."

Could it smell less sweet?
Do you recognize this famous quote?! Of course it is William Shakespeare, taken from Romeo and Juliet! As I had the pleasure of naming each of my babies (4!), this quote became one of my favorites. It has found a place in my heart as well as my scrapbooks! 

The meaning behind this quote, if I can simplify and sum it up, is that What matters is what something is, not what it is called.

And, how might you ask, am I relating this to our ScentSationals wickless candles? It's all in the names of the FRAGRANCES! 

I fully realize that the name is just a name and it's really all about the smell, but I still find myself drawn to a fragrance by it's name. Sorry William, but I guess there is an exception to every rule?! If I don't like the name of a fragrance, would I still like the smell? It's sort of hard for me to answer this question, as I am hard pressed to find a fragrance name that I don't like!

These are my top five favorite NAMES of fragrances, and the reason why! 
  1. Phenomenon - for obvious, phenomenal reasons! 
  2. Fireworks - I can hardly wait to SMELL this one! The anticipation is definitely part of the fun!
  3. Holiday Cake - Because CAKE is GOOD. Mmmm. Once you know me better you'll recognize cake as am important part of my world!lol
  4. Gingerbread Man - Sort of along the same reason as CAKE! mmmmmmm.....
  5. Coconut Sun - This one can easily take me to a sunny daydream with just it's name! 
So, what are some of your favorite fragrance names in the ScentSationals line? Comment below before August 18th at 11:59 pm MST and I will put your name in an extra two times for our contest draw!! 


Thursday, August 11, 2011

Pop, Sizzle, Fizz!

Growing up, I have wonderful memories of my Grandmother making homemade Rootbeer! We would go to visit her with our fingers crossed that a 'batch' would be ready and that our Aunts and Uncles would be in a sharing spirit!

Then, as we got older, my eldest brother made many attempts to recreate my Grandmother's concoction. Unfortunately, he wasn't always successful! I remember MANY exploding bottles, huge messes and not quite so yummy drinks, if of course HE was willing to share, which wasn't often the case!

And so, when this new Homemade Rootbeer Fragrance made it's debut last week AND I watched the video, I was instantly thrown back to my youth and in love with the pop sizzle and fizz all over again! 
To quote Genevieve, one of the ScentSationals team members, 'you can almost smell the carbonation!!'

Check out the video on YouTube, and while you're there, be sure to subscribe to the ScentSationals YouTube channel so you can see other fun videos from the past, and the many more to come!!  


Happy Memories & fizzy smells!


Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Play our ScentSationals game!

I must admit that I am in Scent heaven right now as with my recent induction into the ScentSationals family, I received a HUGE selection of beautiful fragrances! My 13 year old daughter (Quin) and I have enjoyed selecting our daily scents and love surprising our nose with all of the gorgeous fragrances!

Just a few of my ScentSationals fragrances!
We've really loved the names of the different scents as well, especially with some being so classic and others so exotic. The beautiful fragrances, combined with my daughter's flare for creativity made an immediate collision and so Quin developed a 'What's that Fragrance' nose and name skill testing game! Check out the 'rules' below to see what your ScentSationals skill level is! 

'What's that Fragrance' 
2. Line up the fragrances in front of one player.
Game Procedure for two or more players:
  1. Select 4 or more fragrances from your ScentSationals collection. The more fragrances that you select, the more difficult the game is! 
  2. Line up the fragrances in front of both players. 
  3. Player 1 then blindfolds Player 2 and holds one fragrance up for Player 2 to smell. Player 2 can sniff to their hearts content, but must leave the blindfold on until Player 1 gives them the go ahead to take it off. 
  4. When sniffing is complete, Player 1 replaces the scent into the 'lineup' and then allows Player 2 to remove the blindfold. 
  5. Without 're-smelling' any fragrances, Player 2 must identify which fragrance they were sniffing! We allowed two guesses per scent. 
  6. If guessed correctly, flip the scent upside down. 
  7. If guessed incorrectly, the scent stays right side up. Player one continues to hold up scents until each one has been sniffed. 
  8. Keep count of how many fragrances are correctly identified.
  9. Switch players and allow Player 1 to sniff the same fragrances and see if their sniffing and identifying skills are better than the other Player(s). 
  10. The winner gets to pick which scent is warmed for the day! 
Quin after her win, choosing a new scent!
And that's it, a really fun way to pick your daily fragrance! Quin played throughout the day with her neighborhood friends and decided that her favorite way to play is with 8 scents at a time. This way, the game was challenging, but fast enough that the 'second smeller' wasn't becoming over anxious while waiting to play.  

Quin and I were fairly matched against each other, how did you do? 

Check out your 'ScentSationals Skill Level'!
Matched 0-2 fragrances - You need more practice! We highly recommend daily seclusion and relaxation in a warm bathtub, with frequent fragrance changes until your scent matching skills improve!

Matched 3-5 fragrances - Not bad! You're sure to become a ScentSationals pro in no time! To improve your skills, allow a family member to pick a new scent to warm each day and then see if you can identify it! 

Matched 6-8 fragrances - Give yourself a pat on the back and treat yourself to a new fragrance! You have reached professional sniffing status and are hereby qualified to recommend your favorite scents to all of your family and friends! 

Matched more than 8 fragrances - Congratulations, you are a ScentSationals guru! It's quite likely that your professional sniffing skills will save homes from bad odors for years to come! Your Scentsationals collection is brimming with fabulous fragrance selections and it's likely that you have more than one warmer tingling your senses each day!



Thursday, August 4, 2011

Scentsationals Opportunities!

Hello to all of my new Scentsationals friends! I am very excited to join the Scentsationals team, and looking forward to getting to know everyone better. But first... an introduction seems to be in order!! My name is Heather Lancaster and I live in Calgary, Alberta Canada.

This is ME!
I have worked with a few members of the Scentsationals team in the past and reuniting with such great people makes sense (scents) to me! lol I'm sure that you can agree, that once you've worked with a great team, you never want to say goodbye! I couldn't be happier! 

My husband Brian and I have a 'his, her's and ours' family with 6 children total, spanning in ages from 13 to 21 years old. We are expecting our first grandchild this December, and are delighted to be shopping for PINK! We also have two lovely fur friends residing with us, a miniature Schnauzer and a Yorkie. The household is busy, crazy, fun and sometimes frightening!lol 

I've enjoyed working in a number of creative endeavors over the years including positions in product development, as a freelance magazine contributor, co-host of a children's craft program, as an artist, author, and creative director. Presently, in addition to being on the Scentsationals team, I am also an international demonstrator and media spokesperson in the crafts industry. 

I can honestly say that I have loved each and every job that I have had over the last 15 years and having this chance to write and share Scentsationals news with you is going to be my weekly highlight... or maybe bi-weekly, or tri-weekly!! I promise to not overwhelm you! lol 

BUT... enough about me! I am excited to get to know all of you and to encourage a little bit of sharing, I think a contest is a GREAT idea! Perhaps a lovely new candle warmer and a set of our latest 4 new fragrances will inspire a bit of friendliness? By entering, you can win one of EACH of these beautiful new fragrances, as well as one of my favorite Plug-In warmers! 

The regal curves, chic structure and antiqued silver finish of the Mini Medallion Sterling Plug-in come together to create a classic beauty.

Shimmering notes of zesty lemon, sweet orange, sugary mandarin and a splash of lime explode with a peppy zing of citrus.

Enjoy the refreshing fragrance of rich, tangy plum infused with sweet, juicy boysenberries.

Sugary, red strawberries, fresh from the bush, swirl perfectly with smooth white cream in this classic scent.

Think of a tropical paradise filled with sweetening dragonfruit ready to refresh your senses with a sugary, fruity flavor. 

It's easy to enter in each of the following ways, and of course you can have more than one entry! Be sure to leave your email address and a separate comment for each entry so that I can verify your submissions. 

1. Comment on this blog post and introduce yourself to me! It can be a short hello, or as   detailed as you like! = 1 entry
2. Follow the Scentsationals blog! = 1 entry
3. Blog about our contest and leave a link  on this post! = 2 entries
2. 'Like' the contest announcement on Facebook! = 1 entry
3. 'Like' Scentsationals on Facebook = 1 entry
4. Follow Scentsationals on Twitter (leave id) = 1 entry
5. Tweet about this contest (leave link) = 1 entry per day (1 tweet/day)
The contest will end on August 18th, 2011 at 11:59 MST. Winner will be chosen via and emailed. They will have 48 ours to reply. Open to US residents 18+ No PO Boxes. 

Looking forward to meeting you all, don't be shy! 

Happy homes and all the best!


PS... to all of my Canadian friends! Stay tuned! I know you will love Scentsationals as much as I do and will look forward to them expanding into the Canadian market. In the mean time, stock up next time that you are across the border!!