Friday, August 27, 2010

Carrie's Rambles Blog Review

Recently, we have gotten requests to let our products be reviewed by bloggers. I was unaware of this until I got the link in an email and read what Carrie from Carrie's Rambles had to say about ScentSationals Wickless Candle Warmers and Waxes!

"I have your review posted, sorry I am two days past the week I said. I kept thinking one more day to see if this wax sitll smells so good, and it did! Thank you so much for providing me with the product to do the review. I know that I will be pruchasing from you in the near future for the holidays and recommending to everyone I know."

Check out her post at!

Friday, August 20, 2010

A Gift for Any Occasion

Have a mom, sister, cousin, Grandma, or bosom buddy who just loves ScentSationals Wickless candle Warmers and Waxes? Don't know which fragrance to get them for Christmas/ their birthday/ an anniversary? Well now you can let them choose for themselves with the exciting new feature on Gift Certificates!

Go to and click on the Products button at the top of the Main Menu Page. Scroll down and click on the Gift Certificates Icon on the left-hand side of the page. Then click Add to Cart. You can customize the amount on the Certificate and choose whether to send it through email or snail mail! It's the perfect gift for any occasion!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Aroma in Montana

Recently, my husband and I took a trip to Montana to visit his grandparents. We had a lot of fun visiting Yellowstone and seeing Ole' Faithful, fishing on the Yellowstone River, exploring the Lewis and Clark Caverns, and souvenier shopping and vintage picture taking at Virginia City. But fisrt we had to get there.

After a full day of work, and nine hours of driving, we were exhausted. As we brought in our luggage (the little there was--one suitcase for the both of us) a familiar fragrance embraced us: ScentSationals Cranberry Clove.
You know when you're visiting someone and you can't fall asleep in a strange bed? No problems there! Falling asleep was a cinch wrapped in the warm and spicy fragrance of Cranberry Clove!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

ScentSational Neighbors

Being best friends, and not to mention newlyweds, my husband and I spend oodles of time together. We live in a little neighborhood where most of the people are like us: newly married couples. Most of us have been married under 5 years. Not having reached the 10 year mark, we women aren't bored of our spouses fetishes for hunting, football, or their unseemly habits of dropping things on the floor. As a matter of fact, we are still in the "thinking-our-husbands-are-perfect" stage. Who needs to branch out and make friends with the other women in the neighborhood when you have a captive friend 24/7, right?

I'll admit it, meeting my neighbors wasn't high on my priority list, so when my husband suggested that we knock on our neighbors door and introduce ourselves, I was a little hesitant. I mean, here's a man, my best friend, who can't reject me because he's married to me, right? But other women and other people in general aren't like that...they can reject. I started to doubt my ability to communicate with women, I mean I've been living with a man for two months, right?

But I went, I knocked, and I met my neighbors. They were a cute little couple, married for a little bit over a year now and their house was much more feminine than ours (I was a little jealous of that fact...I'm still training my husband to accept the fact that flowers can be masculine...he doesn't like my "daily brainwashing tactics" as he calls them to make him accept flowers on the sheets and heaven forbid the color pink be anywhere!)

As I was looking around at all the little trinkets and decor, I happened to notice a Scentsy Warmer on the end table. We started to talk about her favorite fragrances and I mentioned that I happened to work for ScentSationals. She got excited, saying she had seen us in Walmart and wanted to know which scents were our favorites so that she could spend her money on ones she would like instead of running the risk of getting a fragrance she doesn't like when I got an idea: give them a ScentSationals Warmer and Fragrances!

That's my plan, so tonight, my husband and I are going over to set it in motion!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Order Up!

Wow. We launched a promo code for the new website Grand Opening featuring a 20% discount off your entire purchase. That was Tuesday. Wednesday morning, when I got to work there were oodles of orders backed up. Just from the time I had clocked out the day before there were loads of 'em. It took me a good part of the morning to fill them all, and it seemed like every time I went back upstairs there was another one waiting for me. The stack by the door for the UPS man kept growing and growing steadily all day long. My opinion, we should launch promos more often because people are so excited about it!
Check out our facebook fan page for more info on the promo. It's still going until Tuesday, August 17th, 2010. Get a great deal on your favorite Warmers and Waxes by checking out facebook where the promo code has been released!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

"Fan"tastic "Mix"ationals

Facebook fans have been posting some great mixes. And another facebook fan posted, asking whether or not we'd have a list of these mixes on our new website. It's not on the new website, so i thought I'd post them here!

"Fan"tastic "Mix"ationals Recipe Book
Pineapple Upside Down Cake=
1 Pineapple + 1 Cupcake
Mothwatering Apple Cobbler=
1 Crispy Apples + 1/2 Oatmeal
Blackberry Tarts=
1&1/2 Black Raspberry Vanilla + 1 Key Lime Pie
Coffee Cake=
2 Cupcake + 1&1/2 Cinnamon Vanilla
Blueberry Cupcakes=
1 Blueberry Muffin + 1 Cupcake
Sweet Apple=
1 Cupcake + 1 Crispy Apples
Blossoming Garden=
2 Sweet Pea + 1&1/2 Spring Green + 1/2 Violets
Caribbean Cocktail=
1 Guava Berry + 1 Pineapple Cilantro + 1 Mandarin Mango Madness
Lemon Cupcake=
1 Lemon Chiffon + 1 Cupcake
Crisped Apples=
1 Crispy Apples + 1 Cinnamon Vanilla OR 1/2 Sizzlin' Cinnamon
1&1/2 Zen + 1 Spa
1 Clean Cotton + 2 No Place Like Home
Hand-dipped Caramel Apple=
1 Caramel Popcorn + 1 Crispy Apples
Trip to the Beach=
1 Sea Salt + 1 Coconut Sun
1 Wild Thing + 1 Ginger Tangerine
Sweet Treats=
1&1/2 Lemon Chiffon + 1 Jelly Beans
Simply follow these steps:
  1. Turn your decorative and beautiful Warmer on.
  2. Pick the mix you want to make.
  3. Pop the suggested amounts into your Warmer.
  4. Sit Back.
  5. Relax and enjoy the wonderful new Fragrance you created!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Ladies and Gentlemen!

Introducing our new website,! Complete with new features like a shipping estimator, search engine, and a whole new look, our website is new and improved, designed specifically for you're convenience. So spread the word. Let everyone know that is ready to go!