Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Fish For Dinner!

I admit it. 
I didn't know that it would negatively affect my whole family. 
It wasn't as obvious to me? 
How was I to know?
I thought it was a healthy choice. 

Sadly, no matter how I justify it or play it back in my mind, all that my family can focus on is the fact that I cooked fish for dinner and assaulted their noses! My daughter isn't a big fish fan to begin with and was instantly crunching up her face to avoid sensory overload, while my husband decided to just sort of 'grin and bear it'. It was my 18 year old son who really called me out.

The 18 year old, Kaed (formerly free but now slightly in the dog house), walked in the door after missing supper. He'd been at work which made me happy and is a much better use of his time than other typical 18 year old's evenings.

Within seconds of entering and before his shoes were off of his feet he yelled, "It stinks like fish in here!".

I grinned in defiance knowing that my healthy dinner choice would win me some 'parent of the year' points.

He continued, "How can you do this, our house smelt good when I left! This is disgusting."

Well, that was it. I didn't need to hear more and he didn't have anything more to say. I suggested that he could turn on a warmer which he did do, but I didn't see him for the rest of the night.

NO, he didn't eat any fish!

Yes, I realize that I was in the wrong. 

I see the error in my ways and know that as a Mom, it is my job to be consistent in making my house smell good all the time.

I will warm some of our new Cornucopia today and hope that I am forgiven.


PS... do you think that warming up leftovers from last night will make the house stinky again!?? lol  

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