Thursday, July 29, 2010

Deep Dish Experiment Take 2

I posted last week the maximum amount of wax each of our eight most popular Warmers can hold. Then I went on facebook and announced that I had posted that information and one woman requested I do the same thing for the remaining Warmers that are available online at Here are my results:

Harvest Hearth Tray--2.5 cubes
Pumpkin Patch Tary--3.5 cubes
Vineyard Tray--3Cubes
Tulip Tray--4 cubes
Valentine Heart Tray--3.5 cubes
Santa Hearth Tray--3.5 cubes
Snowman Hearth Tray--6 Cubes
Chimney Hearth Tray--3.5 Cubes

These amounts are the amount of our fragrant Wax Cubes that each Warmer can melt and keep melted.

It was neat to experiment and figure out which of our decorative Warmers could hold the most of our fragrant Wax Cubes, which was Snowman, hands

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Shipping "ScentSationally!"

An email came yesterday from a woman who had plenty of questions about our website,, and our consequent shipping procedures and I thought to myself, "There are probably others out there who want this information, too". Here are the questions she's asked (Q's) followed by our answers (A's).

Q--How do you send the waxes?
A--We ship directly through UPS.

Q--How long after receiving the order do you ship it out?
A--Orders are usually filled as soon as we receive them, though sometimes due to unforeseen circumstances, it takes a little longer. For instance, UPS does not ship to PO Boxes. If the customer lists a PO Box in the Shipping Information, our ScentSationals Customer Support Team has to contact that customer and get a physical address. Sometimes, if the customer is out of town, or at work, this may take a few days and delay the shipping.

Q--How long does it generally take to receive an order?
A--When an order has been shipped, an automatic email informs the customer that their ScentSationals Wickless Candle Warmers and Waxes are on their way! The customer can then expect the package within 3-7 business days.

Q--What is the cost to send it?
A--Shipping costs vary depending on the weight and size of the package and how far away the customer lives from our offices here in Provo, UT. Our cheapest shipping is UPS Ground, averaging approximately 7-12 dollars, and we charge directly what UPS charges, not slipping in an extra buck for our personal benefit.

Q Can you purchase an order and have it sent to someone else?
A--Absolutely, just put that person's name and address in the Shipping Information column, then put your information in the Billing Information column.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Deep Dish Experiment

On our facebook page the other day, a woman asked which of our beautiful and decorative Warmers can hold the most of our fragrant Wax Cubes? I answered that Fleur de Lis has the largest tray, so I assume it would hold the most cubes of wax.

But the thought kept nagging me...which one of our Everyday Warmers actually does hold the most melted Wax? Does it vary from Warmer to Warmer?

I collected one of each of our Warmers, put them all on a table and started each with two cubes of wax. Because the amount of Wax in each carton varies from carton to carton, I conducted the experimetn twice and averaged the results. This is what I found:

Warmer--Optimal Amount of Wax
Antique Greek--3
English Garden--4
Fleur de Lis--3
Love Scroll--4

In other words, the Everyday Warmer that I thought could hold the most amount of wax, and keep it melted all the way through, was fairly average, while the Sterling and Salsa kept the wax melting. If the trays had been deeper, I'm fairly postive Sterling and Salsa could've handled even more! Those are the results of my deep dish experiment!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Dieting Dilemma

My mother-in-law loves to cook, and not just any food, but the richest, lovliest, oh-my-goodness-gracious! kind of foods like smoked salmon and ribs, chicken pot and shepherd's pies, everything always served with amazing side dishes.

But if there's one thing she makes better than all the rest, it's desserts. Always there are luscious desserts floating around the kitchen, such as gourmet banana bread, pies with crusts crisp and flaky, layered cakes, cupcakes, and, my personal favorite, cinnamon rolls, warm and moist with crunchy nuts between the layers of cinnamon and bread, and gooey frosting drizzled enticingly over the top.

My husband and I always think it a special treat when we are invited over to his parents house for birthdays and Sunday meals (mostly beacuse we don't have to try and gag down my cooking with smiles on our faces and loud "mmmm"s on our lips) But all of that changed.

Recently, my in-laws started this 500 calory diet. That's right, and not 500 calories a meal, but 500 for the entire day. My mother-in-law can't stand cooking now, because she knows that she will only get 500 calories of whatever she makes and that's just torturous!

So no more cupcakes with fluffy frosting, or banana bread with huge chocolate chips. Gone are the ribs and smoked salmon, the shepherd's and chicken pot pies. But the most tragic of all, the one thing I shall miss the most, are the fresh-baked cinnamon rolls right from the oven, rich and soft, with layer after alternating sweet layer of cinnamon, bun, cinnamon, mouth is watering as I write.

I have but one consolation: ScentSationals Fragrance Cinnamon Vanilla. It captures the cinnamon spiciness of the cinnamon layers, while still leaving room for hints of warmth and whispers of vanilla. I 'll just have to melt a cube every day to satisfy this dieting dilemma!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

By Popular Demand

Huge news! You'll never believe it but July's Walmart Stores ScentSaionals order sheet is a combination of all the favorite fragrances! Some, like Blueberry Muffin, Carribean Sunset, and Crisp Linens were discontinued and have been unavailable since. But, by popular demand, they're back! Look for them in Walmart Stores and online at! Get 'em while the gettin's good!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A Blueberry Blast!

A couple weeks ago, i got to fill in for one of the workers downstairs on the line.

My job? To catch the waxes as they came down the line, getting stamped with labels along the way, then arrange them on trays to cool. The job was fairly simple and I was lost in my thoughts for a time, my hands moving quickly to snatch the waxes and place them 7 wide 8 long on the trays, when down the line rolled a wave of excitement: a new fragrance was being poured.

The worker who showed me how wax-catching was done, quickly changed the labels on the machine, preparing for the new fragrance. Before I even had time to think about asking which fragrance would be next, my nose found an enticing aroma. Warm and buttery, with an essence of fresh baking moist cake, and a punch of blueberries, Blueberry Muffin had my mouth involuntarily watering.

"Blueberry Muffin?" you're saying. "I thought that was a discontinued fragrance?" You're right, it was, but we've brought it back for the summer! Look for it in your Walmart and online at when our new site launches!