Friday, October 7, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving from Canada aka Pumpkin Pie Day!

Happy Thanksgiving from the pumpkin patch!
This weekend is Canadian Thanksgiving!! I know that 95% of you are in the US, but I figure any reason to celebrate family is universal and so I will celebrate a bit of my family with you!

Hooray for family! gobble gobble!
Our Canadian Thanksgiving is pretty much identical to the US version, just a month or so sooner. We celebrate on the second Monday in October which is Columbus Day in the US. Our meaning is the same in that we are giving thanks for the end of the harvest season and celebrating the unity of our family and the community.

Will the real pumpkins please stop smiling!lol 
Dinner is pretty standard at my house on Thanksgiving too, with Pumpkin Pie being the center of everyone's attention and the only reason that we don't over stuff ourselves with the turkey and trimmings that are our dinner. 

My grandbaby is growing in leaps and bounds! Bigger than a little pumpkin...
...but not quite as big as a BIG pumpkin!
That being said, and PUMPKIN being our thanksgiving feast focus, we have been enjoying the new Vanilla Pumpkin Cream fragrance to it's full extent! It has succeeded in putting us all a festive mood!
I can hardly wait to be a Grandma!! 

As part of the festivities, we headed out to our local Corn Maze last weekend and found ourselves a couple of pumpkins. My husband, nephew, daughters and son-in-law (or outlaw!) all enjoyed an afternoon of winding our way through the maze. 

Vanilla Pumpkin Spice smells significantly better than this pumpkin did! lol 
 And so, now it is off to my fabulous smelling Vanilla Pumpkin kitchen, to add a layer of actual pumpkin pie smell to the mix. Sadly, the pumpkin pie smell will only linger for a few hours. Hooray for ScentSationals that my celebrated scent of the day will continue to bring smiles to everyone throughout the weekend! 


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