Friday, October 21, 2011

A Guy's Guide to Gifts - Part 2

Ok Gentlemen, I hope that you are joining us after reading A Guy's Guide to Gifts - Part 1! With the numerous gifting occasions throughout the year, when you are trying your best to impress the women in your lives, we realize that sometimes you become a little bit befuddled. It's completely OK!! Don't stress, don't feel bad about it... WAIT! ... who am I kidding?! You DO need to STRESS and feel GUILTY if you aren't gifting your women!! They are your anchor, your mentors, your loved ones and your pride and joy! It's important to express yourself and let them know how important that they are. Let us help to make it easier for you AND affordable!!

Part 1 of A Guy's Guide to Gifts was your introduction to creating a ScentSationals gift ensemble that helped to remind your Mom, Sisters and Grandmothers that they are adored. Now, with that under your belt, it's time to turn your attention to your girlfriend, significant other or wife! Here are a few ideas to keep you out of the dog house!

Salsa Warmer
FOR A NEW GIRL FRIEND - Gifting a girlfriend is very obviously a much harder task than gifting a Wife, Mother, Sister or Grandmother. The gift that you choose is going to send a message that defines where you 'are' in your relationship! I am pretty sure I could write a whole book on this subject, but for the sake of keeping it short, here's a suggested strategy:

  • New Girlfriend - Keep it simple! A sweet Plug-in Warmer and one scent is lovely and not too serious or misleading.
  • Been Dating a Few Months But Not Serious - Stick to the 'new girlfriend' suggestion above. It will send the message that you're not too serious!lol 
  • Dating For a While and She's a Keeper - Make this a good gift!! Pick a full sized warmer such as our Blue Garden Swirl Warmer. Add in 4 or 5 scents that are fun and reflect the excitement of your relationship together.  Fireworks, Phenomenon, Enchanted, Caribbean Sunset, and Adventure would all be fun choices! 
  • Thinking of proposing - Wow... I am excited for you both! If you are planning on popping the big question during a romantic night at home, how about opening up a warmer and melting some wax to set the mood? She is sure to be impressed when she enters an atmosphere that smells amazing and will ultimately be a night that she remembers forever. Pick a scent that she will enjoy for years to come as our senses are connected to our memories and this will be a good one! I recommend a full sized warmer versus a plug in, perhaps our Salsa Warmer (red to represent love) and one of our romantic or masculine scents will be perfect! 

FOR A WIFE'S BDAY - For some women, a birthday is more important than an anniversary and for other's, the opposite applies. Either way, honor the occasion by picking a full sized warmer and pairing it with several beautiful scents. This would be a fun occasion to pick birthday themed fragrances such as CupCake,or maybe even  Wild Thing. If you have a little time to browse our site, there are many fragrance names that are sure to be reflective of your wife's likes,dislikes and the memories that you've created together. It would also be fun to include a small note with each fragrance that ties a sentiment to the smell. I've included some examples below...

FOR AN ANNIVERSARY - If you are celebrating an Anniversary, I highly recommend pulling out all the stops. If I was on the receiving end, I would be awe struck to receive any Warmer and one wax fragrance for every year of my relationship/marraige! What fun to pick a scent to represent every year! You could choose Carribean Breeze for your honeymoon year, or  Sunshine to commemorate an annual summer cabin adventure. Be sure to include something from our Romantic category too! If you've only been married for a short time, you could pick from the different scents to represent the adventures that await you in the years to come. 

FOR WHEN YOU'RE IN THE DOG HOUSE - Uh oh. Not good. But, I suppose that it is inevitable that we all end up here on occasion. This is a very sensitive moment and you don't want to make things worse by messing up. Additionally, time is of the essence and so you may not want to place an order that takes a couple of days to arrive. The answer?! GIFT CERTIFICATE!! Some might say that you are buying forgiveness, but here's what YOU need to say... I'm Sorry. Plain and simple. And then maybe mention that you've thought of every happy moment that you've spent together and that you want to get back to a place where everything is good again. Good vibes, good times, good energy and even good smells. You can't make them all happen instantly, but you can start with a good smell and work from there! 

Say "I'm Sorry."
Good Luck to all of the gentlemen who've taken the time to read this... simply by doing so, you've demonstrated that you care, and caring is the main element needed to stay on the right track to wonderful relationships with the women in your lives! 



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