Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Ode to Pumpkin Spice

Pumpkin Spice,
so warm and nice,
wafting through our home

With your scent fill
these rooms until
it welcomes those who roam.

Our Christmas tree
decked in filigree
cannot quite compare

To you sweet scent,
(money well spent)
drifting through the air.

As Christmas nears
with it's Holiday cheers
you add a sweet atmosphere

And as we wait
for Santa up late,

it's your fragrance that keeps us here.

At we find you
for the price of $2.99
If we click here we can purchase you,
and for that price, who could whine?

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Gold, Frankinsence, and...

"Myrrh was worth seven times its weight in gold and also is the natural sap from the Cammiphora tree. It is very significant because it was one of the first gifts to Jesus..."
--Ramzy Hanna of Cairo Egypt

Myrrh was a staple in ancient times, used as perfume and in soaps, and can be a staple again with ScentSationals Holiday Fragrance Myrrh! A sweet blend of myrrh, anise, ginger and cloves, Myrrh is the perfect way to herald in the Holidays!
Available online at for the special price of $1.99 for the month of Novemeber! Simply click here to be directed to the page!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

November Warmer and Fragrance of the Month

This month's warmer is oh so whimsical! The Chimney Warmer, trimmed in frosty snow, looks like Santa will pop out any minute! And it's just ready and waiting for you to pop a cube of ScentSationals Wax in! Normally online for $17.99, this adorable Holiday Warmer is available for $14.99 through this month!

Myrrh is the timeless fragrance of November this year. Warm whisps of aromatic spices carry you back to that long-ago night when three wisemen carried gifts to an infant child. Normally for $2.99, Myrrh is available the entire month of November for $1.99! That's a price that'll fit in anyone's stocking!

Relive all the Christmas magic with our line of Holiday Waxes, available online at!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Haunting Halloween Aroma

For Halloween, my love and I threw a little party, a costume party of course, and invited our neighbors and friends to come join in the festivities. I spent most of the day cooking and frantically cleaning up after myself! My very first time as hostess and I was panicking to say the least!

"We won't have enough food!" I cried as the hour drew nearer.
"We'll be fine," said my husband. "We've already got homemade truffles and peanut butter cups, cookies, chips and dip, drinks, what else could we possibly need?" Still discontent, I ran through the house in my Snow White garb, checking and double-checking everything. (Food. Check! Bathroom clean. Check! Dishes done. Husband working on it!) When I saw my ScentSationals Warmer.

"What fragrance should we do?" I said.
"Oh, I dunno, something Halloween-ish, I guess," my husband replied over his shoulder, elbow deep in kitchen suds. I found our tub of fragrances, and began sifting through them: Crisp Linens? No, it's not a laundry party. Orange Clove? Well, maybe if we have a Christmas party, but not tonight. What about Hot Wassail? Spicy? Yes. Sweet? Yes. Warm and inviting? Yes. Yes. Yes!

I popped a cube into each Warmer throughout the house, then went over my list again and again until our guests started to arrive. We invited everybody to come into the kitchen and eat some of the treats (which I had spent hours making and was very eager to see if they would be a hit) when one guest asked, "Can I get a cup of your wassail? It smells so good!"

For a minute, I was confused...I didn't make any wassail...Then it hit me: the Warmers! I told our guest about the fragrant ScentSationals Wax that was filling our home with such a warm scent and she told her husband that when our party was over they were going out to get some! "Otherwise," she said, "it'll haunt me all day!"

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