Friday, September 30, 2011

Damask Warmer and Apple Brandy Fragrance - 27% OFF!

Black Damask Warmer
For me, my home is my haven. I have worked as an artist, product developer and creative director over the years, and so I tend to be pretty picky as to what decorative items I am willing to display in my space! If I LOVE something, then I will find a space for it, and if it isn't visually appealing, then sorry, but I just can't make it a part of my world! 

When I first became aquatinted with ScentSationals, I was excited to go online and discover that their warmers are beautifully designed! This isn't a given with every product line out there. It takes huge talent, dedication, an eye on the trends and an ear to the consumer to truly meet market demands. So WHOO HOO! I can honestly say that we've hit the jackpot with ScentSationals!

This month's Featured Set = Black Damask Warmer and Apple Brandy!

The warmer that is currently our Featured Set is (truly!!!) one of my favorites. On my recent Outlet Store spree, I purchased two of these warmers (this is in addition to the sample that I was given) and I am not sure that I will ever be able to part with any of them! I need a back up right? OK... maybe I don't need a backup and I am just slightly over possessive. I will likely gift them both eventually, but not until after I love them a little while longer! :) 

So, what's to love about this warmer?! I think that one of my favorite things about it is it's shape. It has a slightly oval shape to it, rather than the more circular shape that most of our warmers have. I also think that a black and white theme is timeless and can fit into almost anyone's style and/or home decor. Then of course, is the fact that it's on sale!lol just keeps getting better and better! 

My house! 
This picture is my house! It's slightly eclectic in style, very comfortable and easy to live in. The Black Damask warmer fits soooooo perfectly in my front room!

1960's lamp base + funky lamp shade + Black Damask Warmer = GORGEOUS! 
While you may not have a room identical to mine, you will love how design oriented this warmer is. The damask design is very dynamic and the black and white color palette make it an easy fit.

It's time to warm some Apple Brandy :)
And then there is the fragrance.... while I've been writing up this blog, the Apple Brandy fragrance that comes as part of this Featured Set has been warming upstairs for it's first time... I'll just run up and see what I think.... NICE! I got as far as my stairwell and then could already smell it! The scent is excellent! When I smelt it in the package, It was very 'apple', which was nice, but now that it is warming there is so much more to it. The slight tang of wine/brandy adds a very appealing depth to this scent and the cinnamon and apple are resting in the background. I'll definitely be warming it again!!


Wednesday, September 28, 2011

ScentSationals Recipes Part 4 - Download our Free Recipe Book!!

Hooray!! It's time for us all to mix some magic, and we are doing our best to make things super easy for everyone to try their hand at being a MixSationals artist!

This lovely recipe book is FREE for you to view and download! And I must sing it's praises, as not only is it free, but it's also ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY too. Gotta love it!

The enclosed recipes were thought up by our Facebook Fans as well as the ScentSationals family. The fragrances are easy and very fun to mix up in your warmers at home and I hope that everyone tries at least one new mix!

I've adjusted a couple of the recipes to reflect the fragrances that are currently available on our website. You'll also find links within the book so that if you want to find a scent that's in a recipe, simply click on the written text or the picture of the fragrance and you will be directed to our website!

Have fun, and let me know how your mixing goes!


Monday, September 19, 2011

ScentSationals Recipes Part 3

Well.... perhaps I never should have gotten started in experimenting with mixing ScentSationals fragrances as I seem to not be able to stop now! I have even considered adding another warmer to my household so that I have more 'mixing pots'!!

My latest recipe combines two of our newly released Halloween fragrances, Witches Cauldron and Candy Corn. The amazing licorice, anise and fennel that are brewing in Witches Cauldron combine PERFECTLY with the sweet sugary and caramelly (caramelly should be a word!) yumminess of Candy Corn. This combination absolutely reminds me of sorting through my kid's trick or treat bags every halloween and so the recipe name 'Treat Bag' seems pretty perfect.  

In addition to Treat Bag, I've also made a couple of other really yummy combinations...stay tuned later this week and I'll share them in the recipe book that I promised you! 

In the mean time, if you missed the prior Recipe Book blog posts, be sure to check them out! 


Thursday, September 15, 2011

ScentSationals Recipes Part 2

Good Day!

I've been hard at work creating a recipe to add to our  ScentSationals Recipes collection, and, I am happy to report that we also had a few suggestions from our Facebook fans!

This may seem like a no-brainer kind of task, just mix two scents and give it a new name, but it is actually a little bit daunting to mess with the already gorgeous ScentSationals scents and figure out which ones to combine!

I got started by picking one of my favorite new scents, Autumn Walk, and thought that I would throw in a bit of contrast to it. I started sniffing other fragrances and, after much deliberation and sniffing, decided that Macintosh Apple would mix just right! The fresh sweet apple scent would add another layer to the spicy apple scent that is already there. This seemed safe, and while they scents sound similar in their descriptions on our website, they are miles apart when you smell them. :)

I popped half a cube of each fragrance into my warmer and sat back to wait for the results... and then.... after about five minutes.... I was envisioning my latest trip to the farmers market! I love how a scent can transport you so easily! The mixture of the spiciness and extra apple kick really made me think of the end of the summer market when everything is ripe and tempting.

As a final touch, and with the farmers market already set firmly as a comparable, I decided to add another half cube of fragrance.The final ingredient missing from a true farmers market experience seemed to be the aroma of fresh herbs; and so Blue Basil & Sage joined the mix!

And there you have it!! My new scent is Farmer's Market!! To create it, use equal amounts of Autumn Walk + Macintosh Apple + Blue Basil & Sage.

Here are the other new recipes that we have for you from our Facebook Fans! They didn't name them yet, so maybe I will have to!!

Courtney's = Fresh Air (BH&G Fragrance) + Coconut Sun

Pierce Family Girl's  = Vanilla Bean & Pumpkin Spice

Amy's = Blueberry + Cupcake

Any more recipes coming my way or should I put together our collection in a pdf downloadable file?


Monday, September 12, 2011

ScentSationals Recipes!

Up until the other day, my household had been quite content to smell, debate and sample each of the amazing fragrances that ScentSationals created, but, we occasionally have a short attention span and the need to (literally) MIX THINGS UP!

My daughter suggested that we try creating a few recipes of our own by mixing more than one wax scent. I suggested that we cheat and check out our blog archive for the scents that our Facebook fans created last year!lol

My *ehem* research and diligence brought forth the following recipes from August last year:

"Fan"tastic "Mix"ationals Recipe Book

Pineapple Upside Down Cake = 1 Pineapple + 1 Cupcake

Mouth watering Apple Cobbler =1 Crispy Apples + 1/2 Oatmeal

Blackberry Tarts = 1 1/2 Black Raspberry Vanilla + 1 Key Lime Pie

Coffee Cake = 2 Cupcake + 1 1/2 Cinnamon Vanilla

Blueberry Cupcakes = 1 Blueberry Muffin + 1 Cupcake

Sweet Apple = 1 Cupcake + 1 Crispy Apples

Blossoming Garden = 2 Sweet Pea + 1 1/2 Spring Green + 1/2 Violets
Caribbean Cocktail = 1 Guava Berry + 1 Pineapple Cilantro + 1 Mandarin Mango Madness

Lemon Cupcake = 1 Lemon Chiffon + 1 Cupcake

Crisped Apples = 1 Crispy Apples + 1 Cinnamon Vanilla OR 1/2 Sizzlin' Cinnamon

Relaxation = 1 1/2 Zen + 1 Spa

Cleanliness = 1 Clean Cotton + 2 No Place Like Home

Hand-dipped Caramel Apple = 1 Caramel Popcorn + 1 Crispy Apples

Trip to the Beach = 1 Sea Salt + 1 Coconut Sun

Spunk = 1 Wild Thing + 1 Ginger Tangerine

Sweet Treats = 1 1/2 Lemon Chiffon + 1 Jelly Beans

Have any of you had the chance to experiment and create an amazing scent? With all of the new fragrances that have been introduced, I imagine that there are many more recipes just waiting to be created!

How about sharing? Are you willing to reply to this blog with a recipe of your own? I'll get busy with my fragrances and see if I can't come up with one of my own as well! If we can all come up with maybe 9 or 10 more recipes, I will happily create a nice little downloadable pdf recipe book for your mixing pleasure!! 


Friday, September 9, 2011

Welcome to Friday!

Ah...deep sigh of relief that it is FRIDAY!!

I've managed to get through the first crazy week of school with my cheque book still intact and, having had five minutes to myself per day, my sanity is mildly restored!

I am now sitting in my office, sipping a hot cup of coffee and getting into the mood for a sunny weekend by warming Coconut Sun. I truly hate to think that summer is on it's way out the door, so I will keep my tropical fragrances within hands reach until the weather forces us all to shift to fall!

It's really quite amazing how a simple smell can relax, rejuvenate and generally do a whole make over on my moods! I wonder if I was warming Autumn Walk right now, instead of a summer fragrance, if I would be inclined to bake an apple pie?lol

My 'Garden Swirl' office warmer...
What are your plans for the weekend? I'll be working on spending a bit of time outdoors, and maybe even cleaning out the flower beds! 


Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Visit the ScentSationals Outlet Store!

After an end of summer work-vacation, I am glad to be home again and ready to dust of my desk and get busy!! If I work really hard, I may even see the over-priced desk top that I had installed! lol

One of the sections of the warehouse... 
I am excited to report back to you all, that I had a chance to visit our ScentSationals facilities in Provo, Utah as well as the Outlet Store!!

The factory was in full gear, mixing and pouring waxes for the upcoming Christmas Season. It was really fun to walk through and recognize the wax scents. and even more fun to spot ones that haven't been released yet!

Holiday Sleigh Ride Fragrance...mmmm.....
The facility smelt amazing (of course) and it took most of my will power to restrain myself from opening every new scent and having a sniff!

Shortly after leaving the factory, I had the pleasure of visiting the outlet store. This is where I gave up on any will power and just let my senses loose as I shopped. For all those interested, you can visit the ScentSationals Factory Outlet at:
    201 East Bay Blvd
    Provo, UT 84606
The entrance is to the side of the building. If you live in the Utah area, or are on a road trip and passing through, I absolutely encourage you to drop in and check it out! For all of you who are not able to stop by, keep an eye on our Facebook Page and the ScentSationals homepage. When a sale comes up, it is pretty close to the same pricing that you might find at the outlet!

Check out my short video tour of the Outlet Store. My apologies in advance for filming with the camera on my phone ... but I REALLY wanted to share with you!

And, finally, here are all of my Outlet Store purchases, wrapped and ready to gift! Two of the warmers that I purchased didn't even make it home as my Aunt and Mother in law LOVED them as much as I do!! 

Ready to put into a gift bag and find a new home.
I'll be using a couple of the Plug-in warmers as the 'prizes' at my daughters baby shower later this year, and the rest... well.... I bet that you hope you are on my Christmas list!! 

6 fragrances... ScentSational for sure! 
Happy Day to you all!
xxoo Heather