Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Wax Scent Review - Mulberry

As I opened up my computer this morning and took a peek at the ScentSationals website, I had my fingers crossed that a selection of new fragrances would be available. Now, you may think that this is a little odd, what with the majority of fragrances being available to me, but it IS exciting because it would be silly to share my thoughts with you on the NEW fragrances until they are actually available!

A couple of weeks ago, as I sniffed, whiffed, and took a nosefull of scents, I picked out some lovely fragrances to review and then realized that they weren't released yet and I had to remain hushed! (not an easy feat for me!!)

So NOW, I can finally tell you my thoughts on our newly released Mulberry fragrance.

I am a big fan of berries in general and am of course familiar with strawberries, raspberries, cranberries, blueberries and even huckleberries. But I've never tasted, smelt or even seen a mulberry before. Curiosity is definitely what drew me to this scent!

The richness of this color suits the delicious tart fragrance! 
A little bit of quick research revealed that a mulberry in looks, is very similar to a blackberry and comes in an assortment of colors ranging from white, to deep reds and purples. Our new Mulberry scent  is a very fitting deep burgundy red.

The 'top note' of this scent, which is that first luxurious scent that we take in from the top of the package, is a combination of sweet and tart in equal measures. It reminds me a bit of the smell of a good fruit pie, fresh out of the oven! The sweet layer is not like a sweet candy fragrance, but  a more natural, gentle sweetness.

ScentSationals Mulberry Fragrance
The 'bottom note' of the Mulberry scent, which is the smell on the back side of your fragrance when you lift it out of the packaging, leaves the sweet behind and is a crisp tart scent. It reminds me more of the smell of the leaves and stems when I am preparing my berries to bake, and maybe even of a less ripe fruit.

Once warmed, the notes of the fragrance really come together!! You will find that every ScentSationals scent is just slightly richer and different once it has melted. The 'throw' off of the Mulberry isn't as immediate as some of our other scents, but in an easy 5 minutes, it had gently filled my space and revealed additional fruity tones that I didn't pick up as much when I initially sniffed the cold wax.

If you like sweet, but not too sweet, and tart but not too tart, you can rely on this gentle fruity Mulberry fragrance to fulfill your sensory needs!


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