Friday, October 14, 2011

Wax Review - Berries & Pomegranate

I love creating a Facebook Question when we have new scents each week! It is fun to see how many people have the same favorites as I do and, when there is a huge number of votes for a scent that I wouldn't have been drawn to, it is fun for me to open it up and test it! 

This weeks Question on Facebook... Autumn Breeze won by a breeze!
This week, rather than checking out the top favorites, I decided that I would cheer for the underdogs! On Monday I did a scent review for Mulberry, and today, I thought that we should take a closer look at Berries & Pomegranate who placed as third out of four new scents this week!

Poor Berries & Pomegranate! :(

I can easily see how Autumn Breeze placed first... the season's change is weather is definitely influencing us and encouraging our choice...

... and I suppose Apricot Vanilla would have been my second choice too, because vanilla anything calls to me.

As for the two on the bottom of the list, I truly think that their rating is due to our imaginations not being able to 'picture' the smell. That sounds funny, but with our senses and memories linked so closely, if we can't bring forth a memory to relate a smell to, it isn't going to instantly appeal to us in the same way as something that has more familiarity to it.

Berries & Pomegranate, sitting on top of Mulberry.
And so....without further ado, Berries & Pomegranate! Not to be confused with a fruit juice or gummy candy, this Berries & Pomegranate combination have a lot more sophistication! The red is a brighter shade than Monday's Mulberry. Check out the picture above and you'll see that it doesn't have the same purple/burgundy tones that Mulberry had, but instead a red with just a hint of orange to it. It is a nice deep color, similar to the juices that you get when peeling an actual pomegranate.

As I open up the package, the top notes of this fragrance are just vaguely sweet, with a fresh berry flavor as it's strength. However, as soon as I take the wax out of the packaging, the sweet sort of disappears! My nose is drawn to the berry smells instead and while I can't identify what all of the specific berry smells are, I can identify the pomegranate!

When I flip the cold wax over and smell the bottom notes, I still can't identify the individual berry smells, but I think that I detect a slight hint of cinnamon in there!?

And so I shall warm things up... insert time lapse here....  My warmer was cold getting started, plus I had just frozen the lid to pop my old wax out, and so it has taken about 20 minutes for the fragrance to completely melt. In this time, the scent that very gently filled my room without overwhelming me. With my warmer right beside my computer, this gentle throw of the scent has been lovely! I periodically am detecting an assortment of fragrances including that slight hint of sweet which has come back.

When I leave the room and walk back in, I am impressed by how friendly the scent is. It could easily be warmed in my kitchen or closer to my front entry. Additionally, if you have a warmer in your office space and are looking for something gentle but delicious this is a great choice!

And so, this brings me back to the 'picture' of this fragrance that I want to leave you with. Close your eyes and imagine walking into a little tea shop that is built in the back of a century old home. There are gingham table clothes and a tiny kitchen tucked behind a little wooden door that needs painting. Your choice of fresh baked  berry scones or muffins are on the menu as well as a selection of pomegranate herb teas to warm your insides while you take a break.... sigh.... sound good? Then this is your scent!


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