Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Great Pumpkin Review

Yes, in fact, Halloween is over and is slowly but surely becoming a distant memory as we wind our way into fall. Here at my house though, there are still pumpkins every which way we turn. Why? Because it is my husbands job to clean up the aftermath! I may be staring pumpkins in the face right up until Thanksgiving! 

So, the question came to me... which are my favorite pumpkins? The real deal with their golden orange faces glowing in the night, or our yummy pumpkin scents whose glow is safely emitted from one of our wax warmers?! 

The choices are below, with of course, a visual for each!! Stay with me till the end of the blog, for your chance to WIN one each of the pumpkins! (Actually just one each of the pumpkin scents. I am pretty sure that you don't want the others! )

1 - Vanilla Pumpkin CreamEnjoy a smooth, creamy swirl of pumpkin and vanilla on a perfect autumn night. Baked with nutmeg and sprinkled with cinnamon, this scent is a flawless addition to any fall evening.

2 - Happy Pumpkin - Happy yes, but not quite as sweet as our 1st choice. Has quite a few pumpkin seeds still stuck inside, as well as his 'guts' still clinging in a couple of spots on the kitchen wall. 

3 - Ginger Pumpkin - Imagine a warm autumn evening in the kitchen as irresistible notes of sweet pumpkin baked with spicy ginger, nutmeg, allspice and cinnamon fill the air. 

4 - Toothy Smile - Slightly evil, in looks and smell. Not a warm character that you want to hang around at your house for too long as he may eventually turn green with envy... or green for other reasons...

5 - Pumpkin CranberryA tart burst of cranberries straight from the vine combine perfectly with freshly harvested pumpkin to create a warm, glowing autumn atmosphere.

6 - A Nightmare to Clean up After - Very, very stylish, but possibly the messiest carving experience ever to cross my kitchen threshold. 

7 - Pumpkin Spice - Buttery crust filled with creamy pumpkin and a pinch of spice. 

8 - Lightning Struck - Lovingly carved with the cheerful intent to scare small children who approach our hose.

Hooray, you made it through all of the Pumpkin Choices!! Want to win one each of these four great pumpkin scents? Come visit me on Facebook and and look for my Question on which choices is your favorite! All of the people who respond to the question will be entered to win!!

Contest Ends November 9th at 12am MST so that we have time to ship the prize in time for Thanksgiving!

Here's a link to the Questions page at our Facebook account. Your entry goes in the top question!


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  1. This contest is closed. Congratulations to our winner Sonjia McSween!