Friday, September 30, 2011

Damask Warmer and Apple Brandy Fragrance - 27% OFF!

Black Damask Warmer
For me, my home is my haven. I have worked as an artist, product developer and creative director over the years, and so I tend to be pretty picky as to what decorative items I am willing to display in my space! If I LOVE something, then I will find a space for it, and if it isn't visually appealing, then sorry, but I just can't make it a part of my world! 

When I first became aquatinted with ScentSationals, I was excited to go online and discover that their warmers are beautifully designed! This isn't a given with every product line out there. It takes huge talent, dedication, an eye on the trends and an ear to the consumer to truly meet market demands. So WHOO HOO! I can honestly say that we've hit the jackpot with ScentSationals!

This month's Featured Set = Black Damask Warmer and Apple Brandy!

The warmer that is currently our Featured Set is (truly!!!) one of my favorites. On my recent Outlet Store spree, I purchased two of these warmers (this is in addition to the sample that I was given) and I am not sure that I will ever be able to part with any of them! I need a back up right? OK... maybe I don't need a backup and I am just slightly over possessive. I will likely gift them both eventually, but not until after I love them a little while longer! :) 

So, what's to love about this warmer?! I think that one of my favorite things about it is it's shape. It has a slightly oval shape to it, rather than the more circular shape that most of our warmers have. I also think that a black and white theme is timeless and can fit into almost anyone's style and/or home decor. Then of course, is the fact that it's on sale!lol just keeps getting better and better! 

My house! 
This picture is my house! It's slightly eclectic in style, very comfortable and easy to live in. The Black Damask warmer fits soooooo perfectly in my front room!

1960's lamp base + funky lamp shade + Black Damask Warmer = GORGEOUS! 
While you may not have a room identical to mine, you will love how design oriented this warmer is. The damask design is very dynamic and the black and white color palette make it an easy fit.

It's time to warm some Apple Brandy :)
And then there is the fragrance.... while I've been writing up this blog, the Apple Brandy fragrance that comes as part of this Featured Set has been warming upstairs for it's first time... I'll just run up and see what I think.... NICE! I got as far as my stairwell and then could already smell it! The scent is excellent! When I smelt it in the package, It was very 'apple', which was nice, but now that it is warming there is so much more to it. The slight tang of wine/brandy adds a very appealing depth to this scent and the cinnamon and apple are resting in the background. I'll definitely be warming it again!!


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