Friday, June 11, 2010

Twas the Night Before Graduation

The night before high school graduation, Syd and I had a pre-celebration slumber party. We'd been friends the whole year, but it felt like much, much longer, when we realized that the year was almost over and we hadn't had a single slumber party! That's definitely against the Best Friends Unwritten Code of Best Frendliness!

Twas the night before graduation, and all through Syd's house
Not a creature was stirring (except me and Syd of course!).

Our sleeping bags were rolled out on the floor with great care
As we brushed our teeth and combed out our hair.

Syd reached for her pillow, and then a fresh case
As I then proceeded in scrubbing my face.

"Syd, what are you doing?" I asked, slightly confused.
"Changing my case, for this one has been used."

"It looks fine to me," I said, climbing in bed.
"I just need a fresh place to lay down my head."

Turns out, Syd likes the fresh feeling of cotton
When her case is changed often and never forgotten.

She likes the smell of it, too, clean, fresh, and nice
And for that scent, she's willing to pay a price:

She changes her pillowcase almost every day.
She even packs extras when she goes away!

Now I think, If only Syd knew what I know.
Then she wouldn't be packing pillowcases to go!

She'd buy some ScentSationals Clean Cotton Scent (,
And she'd know that her money would be very well spent!

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