Monday, June 14, 2010

Christmas At Tiffany's

Before I met my husband (ahh! He's my husband now!), I was dating this guy for a while in high school. He was in the Marine Corps, had just signed, and consequently was in Basic Training when Christmas rolled around. Due to the strict rules and regulations enforced during such rigorous training, I could only send letters, and he couldn't send anything out besides paper, either, so I wasn't expecting much in the way of a Christmas present from his direction.

Well, without my knowledge, he sent money to his mother with specific instrustions on what to get me. At a Christmas Party, his mother presented me with his gift: a set of sterling silver Tiffany jewelry, including earrings, a bracelet, and a necklace. I wore that jewelry everyday. It was gorgeous and simple, and just me to a tea! When things didn't work out with him, I sent the jewelry back, not out of spite, but just so he could have the option of giving it to someone else if he so chose.

But let's be honest here, a girl doesn't just give up Tiffany jewelry and forget about it. My arm felt practically naked without the familiar chain encircling it, as did my neck and ears. I missed my classy jewelry, and the chic look it added to any outfit.

Just like the silver Tiffany set, the Sterling Warmer here at ScentSationals is calssy and adds a chic look to any room! Sterling silver in color, hence the origin of its name, the Sterling Warmer is elegant with its diamond pattern, and when the light is turned on, it bounces and plays with the silver hues, refracting all over the wall as it makes your home smell great at the same time!

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