Thursday, June 17, 2010

A Tall Tale

Easter time. Excited kids scattered everywhere, itching in anticipation of that big moment: when the Easter Bunny comes. The older kids were in charge of hiding the candy around the house, while one parent entertained the younger kids in another room. This year, my husband (fiance at the time) was there to celebrate with us. He's a pretty tall man, as in quickly approaching 6'7", if not there already, and he teamed up with my dad to make this past Easter one the kiddies will never forget!

They came into the room, eyes wide and bright, clutching their baskets with sweaty little hands and the search began: under the couches, between the cushions, in little piles hidden in nooks and crannies, candy littered the room, as did the children in their frantic searchings to get their share.

When all the candy had been found, Dad rounded the kids up under the ceiling fan to take a picture. As the little dots from the flash of the camera cleared from their eyes, Dad pushed the button that turns the ceiling fan on. Jelly beans flew around the room in a colorful dance. The kiddies, awe-struck, stood frozen in place, seemingly contemplating what was happening. Then, one after the other, they realized that this was candy flying around! and they jumped into action.

The secret to the flying jellies? My fiance had placed jelly beans on the tops of the fan blades and when my dad turned the fan on high, the beans went flying! Here at ScentSationals, there is a fragrance that captures that moment when the candies were flying through the air: the fragrance Jelly Bean. Available online at, Jelly Bean is the exact smell that rushes to meet you when you open new bag of jelly beans!

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