Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Visit the ScentSationals Outlet Store!

After an end of summer work-vacation, I am glad to be home again and ready to dust of my desk and get busy!! If I work really hard, I may even see the over-priced desk top that I had installed! lol

One of the sections of the warehouse... 
I am excited to report back to you all, that I had a chance to visit our ScentSationals facilities in Provo, Utah as well as the Outlet Store!!

The factory was in full gear, mixing and pouring waxes for the upcoming Christmas Season. It was really fun to walk through and recognize the wax scents. and even more fun to spot ones that haven't been released yet!

Holiday Sleigh Ride Fragrance...mmmm.....
The facility smelt amazing (of course) and it took most of my will power to restrain myself from opening every new scent and having a sniff!

Shortly after leaving the factory, I had the pleasure of visiting the outlet store. This is where I gave up on any will power and just let my senses loose as I shopped. For all those interested, you can visit the ScentSationals Factory Outlet at:
    201 East Bay Blvd
    Provo, UT 84606
The entrance is to the side of the building. If you live in the Utah area, or are on a road trip and passing through, I absolutely encourage you to drop in and check it out! For all of you who are not able to stop by, keep an eye on our Facebook Page and the ScentSationals homepage. When a sale comes up, it is pretty close to the same pricing that you might find at the outlet!

Check out my short video tour of the Outlet Store. My apologies in advance for filming with the camera on my phone ... but I REALLY wanted to share with you!

And, finally, here are all of my Outlet Store purchases, wrapped and ready to gift! Two of the warmers that I purchased didn't even make it home as my Aunt and Mother in law LOVED them as much as I do!! 

Ready to put into a gift bag and find a new home.
I'll be using a couple of the Plug-in warmers as the 'prizes' at my daughters baby shower later this year, and the rest... well.... I bet that you hope you are on my Christmas list!! 

6 fragrances... ScentSational for sure! 
Happy Day to you all!
xxoo Heather


  1. Fun...let's be Christmas list friends. ha ha. Thanks for the info!

  2. I'm in So. Utah; don't make it up to Provo too often. Want to do some shopping at the outlet store for me...seriously? :^)

  3. How much are the wax tart packages?? Is it a big savings?

  4. Hi, I keep trying to get to their website and its giving me an error message. What is wrong with it?! I really would love to check it out, hope you can help!