Friday, September 9, 2011

Welcome to Friday!

Ah...deep sigh of relief that it is FRIDAY!!

I've managed to get through the first crazy week of school with my cheque book still intact and, having had five minutes to myself per day, my sanity is mildly restored!

I am now sitting in my office, sipping a hot cup of coffee and getting into the mood for a sunny weekend by warming Coconut Sun. I truly hate to think that summer is on it's way out the door, so I will keep my tropical fragrances within hands reach until the weather forces us all to shift to fall!

It's really quite amazing how a simple smell can relax, rejuvenate and generally do a whole make over on my moods! I wonder if I was warming Autumn Walk right now, instead of a summer fragrance, if I would be inclined to bake an apple pie?lol

My 'Garden Swirl' office warmer...
What are your plans for the weekend? I'll be working on spending a bit of time outdoors, and maybe even cleaning out the flower beds! 


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