Thursday, September 15, 2011

ScentSationals Recipes Part 2

Good Day!

I've been hard at work creating a recipe to add to our  ScentSationals Recipes collection, and, I am happy to report that we also had a few suggestions from our Facebook fans!

This may seem like a no-brainer kind of task, just mix two scents and give it a new name, but it is actually a little bit daunting to mess with the already gorgeous ScentSationals scents and figure out which ones to combine!

I got started by picking one of my favorite new scents, Autumn Walk, and thought that I would throw in a bit of contrast to it. I started sniffing other fragrances and, after much deliberation and sniffing, decided that Macintosh Apple would mix just right! The fresh sweet apple scent would add another layer to the spicy apple scent that is already there. This seemed safe, and while they scents sound similar in their descriptions on our website, they are miles apart when you smell them. :)

I popped half a cube of each fragrance into my warmer and sat back to wait for the results... and then.... after about five minutes.... I was envisioning my latest trip to the farmers market! I love how a scent can transport you so easily! The mixture of the spiciness and extra apple kick really made me think of the end of the summer market when everything is ripe and tempting.

As a final touch, and with the farmers market already set firmly as a comparable, I decided to add another half cube of fragrance.The final ingredient missing from a true farmers market experience seemed to be the aroma of fresh herbs; and so Blue Basil & Sage joined the mix!

And there you have it!! My new scent is Farmer's Market!! To create it, use equal amounts of Autumn Walk + Macintosh Apple + Blue Basil & Sage.

Here are the other new recipes that we have for you from our Facebook Fans! They didn't name them yet, so maybe I will have to!!

Courtney's = Fresh Air (BH&G Fragrance) + Coconut Sun

Pierce Family Girl's  = Vanilla Bean & Pumpkin Spice

Amy's = Blueberry + Cupcake

Any more recipes coming my way or should I put together our collection in a pdf downloadable file?


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