Thursday, November 24, 2011

ScentSationals Plug-in Warmers

My plug-in warmers are possibly the most used items in my house! My 13 year old daughter has made it her personal duty to ensure that her favorite waxes are always loaded into the warmer that sits in the bathroom beside her bedroom, and it seems that every evening she also takes a trip to our main bathroom and turns on the one there too.

I love that the warmers sit tucked into a tiny space and are ensuring the best possible bathroom ambiance, while at the same time doing a night time shift to provide a soft glow of light, guiding me through my hallways at night and ensuring that I don't trip over my Yorkie Sweetums, or her trouble making partner Izzy (aka our Schnauzer). 

If you're currently loving your full sized ScentSationals warmer, but are not yet convinced that our smaller plug-in warmers are for you, then you simply must let me convince you! They carry the same ability to 'throw' our fragrances and release enough scent to have a big impact, while taking up a much smaller space in your home.

Check out our YouTube Video Blog for additional things that I love about our ScentSationals Plug-In Warmers!


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