Monday, November 21, 2011

Incense and Myrrh Review

Fit for a king, this Oriental medley combines warm myrrh with burning frankincense, soft amber, wood and musk.
As soon as someone says 'Incense' I can instantly imagine what they are talking about. I remember the array of fragrant smokes from as far away as my visits to Asia or from closer locations like the fair trade retailer that is a few miles from my house. The use of incense is somewhat familiar to most of us in aromatherapy, meditation and religious ceremonies. 

Shanghai, Longhua Temple incense Photo by NosniboR80, CC License From:
However, If I was asked to explain to someone exactly what Myrhh is, I think I would be at loss! I definitely think of the Three Wise Men as well as other biblical references to myrhh, but as far as recalling a specific scent, nothing comes to mind. This lack of reference sent me on a short quest this morning to find out exactly what myrrh is!

And so, I bring to you my understanding and a simplified explanation of myrrh;  Myrrh is a combination of resin and aromatic natural oils which is harvested from a specific thorny tree species. Resin is sort of like sap, but where sap is sticky and is the sugars from the inner cells of a tree, resin is hard and glassy and from the outer cells of tree. (Resin acts as a plug to fill holes caused by damage or insects.) Resin can be heated like incense to release it's scent and/or is used to scent many modern day cosmetics and perfumes. 

The distinct scent of Myrrh has been around for over 5000 years! Frankincense is another aromatic resin, and amber is fossilized tree resin! 
Myrrh is commonly harvested from the species Commiphora Myrrhae 
To make a long story short, ScentSationals Incense and Myrrh fragrance delivers traditional and ancient aromas. These scents are significant to us during the Christmas and Holiday season due to their long lasting tradition in our history.

Whew! It is like I am back in school with all this new knowledge! And honestly? I think that my research is somewhat wasted. The most important thing is how this fragrance makes us FEEL... 

...and for me, releasing this traditional scent in my home  enhances the feeling of being warm and contented in our safe haven, regardless of how cold the night might be. 


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