Wednesday, November 16, 2011

BH&G Seasonal Warmers

Here they are! All of our BRAND NEW Winter Holiday / Seasonal Warmers! I am drooling as I upload each of these pictures for you, and as you will soon see, picking just one of these is near to impossible!!

You will find these warmers under the Better Homes and Gardens (BH&G) label, exclusively at Walmart. Please remember that each Walmart may have a different selection than others, and may choose different times in the coming weeks to put the warmers on their shelves. Additionally, there will be limited stock of the warmers, so don't wait until the end of the season to get yours!

BH&G Cardinal Warmer
 This Cardinal Warmer is a beautiful classic! The warming dish reminds me of a bird feeder or perch and the red trim on the slightly scalloped top edge is perfect!

BH&G Chickadee Warmer
Growing up, I had chickadees chirping outside of my bedroom window on a daily basis! This warmer is number one on my must have list!

BH&G Cream Fleur de lis Warmer
 If you are looking for a warmer that has an elegant designer touch, this is the one! The beauty of this warmer can potentially fit into your decor throughout the year!

BH&G Red Fleur de lis Warmer
Feeling a bolder elegant designer's touch in you? Then this red option of our Fleur de lis Warmer is going to have great impact in your space!

BH&G Holiday Sentiments Warmer
I love being able to incorporate words into my home decor, that reflect the values and feelings that are most important to me. This is another warmer that is on my list, and will be used often throughout the holiday season and long after!

BH&G Amaryllis & Paperwhites Warmer
 This warmer is another that I LOVE, and I think that it may be one that I gift! It is SO pretty!

BH&G Pinecone Warmer
A cool crisp day, walking in the snow, or one of those frosty mornings when everything is glittery white; THAT is what this warmer 'speaks' to me... how about you?

BH&G Santa Warmer
Is it wrong for me to want SO MANY of these seasonal warmers? lol I think that I can easily find a place for three of them in my home. So, that means if I switch warmers (so things stay exciting) just after Christmas, I will need 6!! lol

BH&G White Snowflake Warmer
Is this perfect for snowy winter days and nights or what?! I envision myself warming our BH&G Chocolate Mint Truffle or Cinnamon Spiced Eggnog fragrance, while sipping hot chocolate, after building a snowman (of course)... sigh...maybe winter isn't so bad after all!

BH&G Red Snowflake Warmer
For me this warmer belongs close to the Christmas tree with Fresh Balsam Wreath warming in it!

BH&G Snowman Warmer
And last, but obviously not least, who can resist this Snowman Warmer! This is my youngest daughters favorite! If you have kids, or grandkids filling your heart and home this season, return the love and set the mood with this fabulous new design!


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