Thursday, August 11, 2011

Pop, Sizzle, Fizz!

Growing up, I have wonderful memories of my Grandmother making homemade Rootbeer! We would go to visit her with our fingers crossed that a 'batch' would be ready and that our Aunts and Uncles would be in a sharing spirit!

Then, as we got older, my eldest brother made many attempts to recreate my Grandmother's concoction. Unfortunately, he wasn't always successful! I remember MANY exploding bottles, huge messes and not quite so yummy drinks, if of course HE was willing to share, which wasn't often the case!

And so, when this new Homemade Rootbeer Fragrance made it's debut last week AND I watched the video, I was instantly thrown back to my youth and in love with the pop sizzle and fizz all over again! 
To quote Genevieve, one of the ScentSationals team members, 'you can almost smell the carbonation!!'

Check out the video on YouTube, and while you're there, be sure to subscribe to the ScentSationals YouTube channel so you can see other fun videos from the past, and the many more to come!!  


Happy Memories & fizzy smells!


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