Wednesday, August 24, 2011

August is almost over??!

I can't decide whether I want to cheer or cry, as I realize that it is almost the end of August!! Summer has literally flown by and while the days are still hot and I am still managing to do a minimal amount of everything, signs are starting to crop up that September is coming.

One of the most imminent signs that I am seeing are posts and comments from friends whose children are already back in school. I am SO not prepared for this! I have a Step-Daughter finishing her last year of college, a son entering his first year of college and a 13 year old who is about to enter 8th grade. My strategy overall, will be trying to win the 'last parent to buy school supplies' award! lol There's not actually anything I have to get ready or do is there??!

In all honesty, I will definitely enjoy some quiet days at home, but I will also miss the mellow, sleep-in, lazy summer days that we all love :)

And so, as we all say good-bye to another beautiful summer, I vote we sit outside, enjoy a nice scoop of fruity ice cream and start dreaming of snuggly winter days with a sweet cinnamon smells drifting through the house.... oh wait... I was warming No Place Like Home yesterday and already have sweet cinnamon smells! My new vote is to CANCEL WINTER!


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  1. Nicely stated. I lament the end of summer every year. I've learnt to appreciate early fall. I'm going to try those "no place like home" cubes.