Friday, August 19, 2011

And the WINNER is......(insert drumroll please!)

The drum is beating rapidly... I can hear it's rumpa pum pum (silly drum sound effects by my daughter Quin!) resounding through my house... the drum noise is actually shaking my warmers and encouraging me to change one of my fragrances to one of our lovely prize options!!

For those of you just tuning in, (note the musical reference there, ie: drums and such!) This is our grand announcement of the contest winner for 4 of our beautiful new fragrances and a fabulous Plug-in warmer!

This prize is pretty sweet, especially seeing that all that our entrants had to do was 'like' us on Facebook, or follow our blog or tweet us etc... so many easy ways to enter! It's not like anyone had to swim laps or hold their breath or actually learn how to use a drum! I guess that is why we had soooo many entries! Thanks to all of you for participating, and even if you are not the winner, be sure to stay tuned as we have regular contests and opportunities for you to win some great products!

The contest officially ended on Aug 18th at 11:59 MST and I chose the winner via (lucky number 55). Please note that our winner has 48 hours to reply before I have to choose a new one... which would be a shame!

And so.... without further delay, check your emails! Our winner's name is Carrie and I just emailed her! CONGRATULATIONS and happy smells!!


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  1. Is it me? If so I haven't gotten an email :) was it sent to