Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Play our ScentSationals game!

I must admit that I am in Scent heaven right now as with my recent induction into the ScentSationals family, I received a HUGE selection of beautiful fragrances! My 13 year old daughter (Quin) and I have enjoyed selecting our daily scents and love surprising our nose with all of the gorgeous fragrances!

Just a few of my ScentSationals fragrances!
We've really loved the names of the different scents as well, especially with some being so classic and others so exotic. The beautiful fragrances, combined with my daughter's flare for creativity made an immediate collision and so Quin developed a 'What's that Fragrance' nose and name skill testing game! Check out the 'rules' below to see what your ScentSationals skill level is! 

'What's that Fragrance' 
2. Line up the fragrances in front of one player.
Game Procedure for two or more players:
  1. Select 4 or more fragrances from your ScentSationals collection. The more fragrances that you select, the more difficult the game is! 
  2. Line up the fragrances in front of both players. 
  3. Player 1 then blindfolds Player 2 and holds one fragrance up for Player 2 to smell. Player 2 can sniff to their hearts content, but must leave the blindfold on until Player 1 gives them the go ahead to take it off. 
  4. When sniffing is complete, Player 1 replaces the scent into the 'lineup' and then allows Player 2 to remove the blindfold. 
  5. Without 're-smelling' any fragrances, Player 2 must identify which fragrance they were sniffing! We allowed two guesses per scent. 
  6. If guessed correctly, flip the scent upside down. 
  7. If guessed incorrectly, the scent stays right side up. Player one continues to hold up scents until each one has been sniffed. 
  8. Keep count of how many fragrances are correctly identified.
  9. Switch players and allow Player 1 to sniff the same fragrances and see if their sniffing and identifying skills are better than the other Player(s). 
  10. The winner gets to pick which scent is warmed for the day! 
Quin after her win, choosing a new scent!
And that's it, a really fun way to pick your daily fragrance! Quin played throughout the day with her neighborhood friends and decided that her favorite way to play is with 8 scents at a time. This way, the game was challenging, but fast enough that the 'second smeller' wasn't becoming over anxious while waiting to play.  

Quin and I were fairly matched against each other, how did you do? 

Check out your 'ScentSationals Skill Level'!
Matched 0-2 fragrances - You need more practice! We highly recommend daily seclusion and relaxation in a warm bathtub, with frequent fragrance changes until your scent matching skills improve!

Matched 3-5 fragrances - Not bad! You're sure to become a ScentSationals pro in no time! To improve your skills, allow a family member to pick a new scent to warm each day and then see if you can identify it! 

Matched 6-8 fragrances - Give yourself a pat on the back and treat yourself to a new fragrance! You have reached professional sniffing status and are hereby qualified to recommend your favorite scents to all of your family and friends! 

Matched more than 8 fragrances - Congratulations, you are a ScentSationals guru! It's quite likely that your professional sniffing skills will save homes from bad odors for years to come! Your Scentsationals collection is brimming with fabulous fragrance selections and it's likely that you have more than one warmer tingling your senses each day!



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