Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Deep Dish Experiment

On our facebook page the other day, a woman asked which of our beautiful and decorative Warmers can hold the most of our fragrant Wax Cubes? I answered that Fleur de Lis has the largest tray, so I assume it would hold the most cubes of wax.

But the thought kept nagging me...which one of our Everyday Warmers actually does hold the most melted Wax? Does it vary from Warmer to Warmer?

I collected one of each of our Warmers, put them all on a table and started each with two cubes of wax. Because the amount of Wax in each carton varies from carton to carton, I conducted the experimetn twice and averaged the results. This is what I found:

Warmer--Optimal Amount of Wax
Antique Greek--3
English Garden--4
Fleur de Lis--3
Love Scroll--4

In other words, the Everyday Warmer that I thought could hold the most amount of wax, and keep it melted all the way through, was fairly average, while the Sterling and Salsa kept the wax melting. If the trays had been deeper, I'm fairly postive Sterling and Salsa could've handled even more! Those are the results of my deep dish experiment!

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