Thursday, July 29, 2010

Deep Dish Experiment Take 2

I posted last week the maximum amount of wax each of our eight most popular Warmers can hold. Then I went on facebook and announced that I had posted that information and one woman requested I do the same thing for the remaining Warmers that are available online at Here are my results:

Harvest Hearth Tray--2.5 cubes
Pumpkin Patch Tary--3.5 cubes
Vineyard Tray--3Cubes
Tulip Tray--4 cubes
Valentine Heart Tray--3.5 cubes
Santa Hearth Tray--3.5 cubes
Snowman Hearth Tray--6 Cubes
Chimney Hearth Tray--3.5 Cubes

These amounts are the amount of our fragrant Wax Cubes that each Warmer can melt and keep melted.

It was neat to experiment and figure out which of our decorative Warmers could hold the most of our fragrant Wax Cubes, which was Snowman, hands

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