Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A Blueberry Blast!

A couple weeks ago, i got to fill in for one of the workers downstairs on the line.

My job? To catch the waxes as they came down the line, getting stamped with labels along the way, then arrange them on trays to cool. The job was fairly simple and I was lost in my thoughts for a time, my hands moving quickly to snatch the waxes and place them 7 wide 8 long on the trays, when down the line rolled a wave of excitement: a new fragrance was being poured.

The worker who showed me how wax-catching was done, quickly changed the labels on the machine, preparing for the new fragrance. Before I even had time to think about asking which fragrance would be next, my nose found an enticing aroma. Warm and buttery, with an essence of fresh baking moist cake, and a punch of blueberries, Blueberry Muffin had my mouth involuntarily watering.

"Blueberry Muffin?" you're saying. "I thought that was a discontinued fragrance?" You're right, it was, but we've brought it back for the summer! Look for it in your Walmart and online at http://www.scentsationals.com/ when our new site launches!

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