Friday, December 2, 2011

Fabulous Festive Friday!!

STOP THE PRESS because I have THE BEST giveaway ever!

There is nothing I like better than being able to send out a few freebies to our wonderful fans and friends, and I am very excited to announce our next contest because the prizes are spectacular!!

Check out these two incredible Christmas warmers. These were made by our product development team this year as they were preparing and deciding on the different styles of warmers that would be added to our Christmas Collection. These two beautiful and whimsical warmers, weren't chosen, and so they never went into production.

THAT means, that I have 2 VERY unique Warmer designs with only 3 of each design in existence! This is sort of a collectors heaven isn't it? Years from now these may be the best ever warmers to have as ONLY 6 lucky people in the world will have them! you want to win one??!!! Each Friday for the following three weeks we will give away two of the warmers. You can only win one warmer for the duration of the three weeks, but you can enter as many times as you'd like until you win! (Tweeting daily will increase your chances).

To enter this week, see Rafflecopter below to place your entries!! There are several options on how you can enter. Choose one option to enter once, or complete them all to be entered multiple times in the draw! (Our contest is open to only US residents). Then, stay tuned next Friday when we will announce the winners and let you know how you can enter the second week of the contest.

Invite your friends to participate, because if we receive over 100 entries in the draw this week, I will include 4 fragrances as part of the prize! If we receive over 200 entries, then I am very happy to send out a selection of 8 fragrances!!

Good Luck to everyone!!