Friday, December 9, 2011

Fabulous Festive Friday Winner and Week Two Entries!

Good Day to all of our friends who participated in last week's Festive Friday Contest! I am VERY excited to announce our two winners, who were drawn from our Rafflecopter entries and chosen via

The winner of our first 'Collector's' Warmer (and let's not forget that I am throwing in 8 fragrances because we had such an amazing number of entries) is:

Diane (deedyf@...)!! 

Congratulations to you!! How would you like to send me a list of 8 fragrances from our website, as well as your address and I will arrange for your prize of the RED and WHITE Polka Dot Collectors warmer to be sent out asap? I've sent you an email!! 

Ready for the second drumroll??? (insert some loud and annoying ratatat sound here please)... Our second winer of the RED, WHITE and GREEN Polka Dot Collectors warmer, plus those eight wonderful fragrances is:

Diana Padilla!! 

Hooray for you & Congratulations!! Same deal as above!! Just send me a list of your fragrance choices as well as your address and I will get your prize packed up and shipped out!! 

Now, for those of your who didn't win, don't be sad as I still have FOUR more warmers to give away as prizes!! 

This time around, we have a new 'mandatory' entry as well as some optional entry choices so that you can put your name in multiple times. 

The MANDATORY entry, is to 'Like' our newest YouTube video, and then leave me a comment at YouTube underneath the video. The video title is ScentSationals Holiday Fragrances. Your comment needs to be a suggestion of any fragrance from our ScentSationals website, that you would like me to review. 

Once you've left your comment, you are free to enter as many additional times via Rafflecopter below as you like. Some of you may have already done some of the entry options last week, but I've included them again for new friends, and I've made it possible for you to enter multiple times by sharing our video or tweeting about ScentSationals. 

We are going to up the stakes a little bit this week so that we can build a bigger prize package! If we have 200 entries by the end of our contest, I am going to include 5 fragrances with the prize. If we have 300 entries (or maore) in the contest, I am going to include 10 fragrances! I know you WANT them!! Good Luck!!