Friday, April 27, 2012

Countdown to Mother's Day - 3 weeks to go!!

UPDATE- May 4th, 2012!! This week's contest is now closed and our winner is:  AMY ORVIN!! This is Amy's second time winning our contest, and it definitely illustrates the perks of placing your daily entries!!! 

When you visit our Youtube review this week,  you will see a movie of one of the newest members of our ScentSationals family!

Isn't Alice just gorgeous? (not to mention her Mom Brooke!)  Alice's Dad (Todd) works in-house at ScentSationals and so does her Nana, who as you may have guessed, is also in the video!

For me, this trio of generations perfectly represents the bond that exists for us all with our own Mother. The bond will change over time, and even develop new and deeper meaning as we all seek independence and begin creating families of our own, but at the end of the day, Mom is Mom. Someone to celebrate and cherish. What better day to celebrate your Mom, than on Mother's Day?!

One of our Mother's Day gift ideas!
(basket and flowers not included)
In celebration of Mom's everywhere, we really enjoyed putting together some fun gift ideas (on sale of course) which are available exclusively in our estore.

As an extra bonus, we are excited to be hosting a Mother's Day countdown and giveaway on our Youtube channel! This week, one lucky winner will win our Mother's Day Fragrance Bouquet for themselves, and one for their Mom! This bouquet consists of 12 fragrances.... check out the descriptions below, and don't forget to use our Rafflecopter application to place your daily entries to win!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Comforts of Home ScentSationals Fragrance Cubes Welcome to the warm, inviting scent of apples freshly baked in cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice and sugar.

Spa Fragrance Cubes Calm your senses with this soothing combination of cool mint, tart citrus and fresh green leaves.

Care Package ScentSationals Fragrance Cubes Home baked goodies sent with love.

Linens & Lavender ScentSationals Fragrance Cubes Become entranced with the scent of fresh, clean linens lightly scented with lavender and vanilla.

Mint Chocolate Mousse ScentSationals Fragrance Cubes Creamy, smooth and sweet chocolate infused with cool peppermint.

Orange Cream Cupcake ScentSationals Fragrance Cubes Creamy orange frosting swirls on top of a sugary, zesty cupcake as vanilla and citrus mingle in pure bliss.

Pomegranate Rose ScentSationals Fragrance Cubes The classic scent of pink roses is reawakened with a splash of fruity, exotic pomegranate to become a sweet, pleasant fragrance.

Sweet Pea ScentSationals Fragrance Cubes The innocence of sweet pea flowers caught dancing in a fresh spring breeze.

Vanilla Lavender ScentSationals Fragrance Cubes A bouquet of lavender softened with vanilla.

Sunkissed Plumeria ScentSationals Fragrance Cubes Floral scents surround you in a beautiful lei with a slight note of tropical fruit, bringing to mind warm beaches and freshly picked island flowers.

Tea Blossom ScentSationals Fragrance Cubes Enjoy a nice cup of green tea in the garden as plants blossom in their beds, adding a light floral note to the bouquet of fragrances around you.

Garden Path ScentSationals Fragrance Cubes Ripening tomatoes line the walkway as you meander down a leafy lane; the scent of fresh leaves and budding plants fills your nose in a symphony of green.



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