Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's

It's Valentine's Day
the day of love, friendship,
and all things pink and red.

Well, I was downstairs
filling orders this morning
when I found this in one of the boxes:

We've been remodeling the new warehouse
{and are almost done!}
All we have left to do
is paint these polka-dots on the walls,
but we want them to be perfect,
so we're measuring them out just right.
Under one polk-a-dot I found this:

The crate being referenced
 is the one Jeff and Angie
took to the Atlanta Show.
 It housed all our displays for shipping.
 It's empty now so that the products
 can be prepped for our next show
{more info on that soon}
 At the very back of the crate
 I found another one of these:

Through the glass doors I went only to find this:

Following those directions, I came upon this!

My husband had set up a sweet Valentine's Lunch!
What are you and your sweetheart doing for Valentine's?

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