Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Giveaway Winner!!

The day is here, the time has come, to name the winner of the January ScentSationals of the Month Set. First of all, we want to say thank you to all those who entered the Giveaway. Check in often for other amazing opportunities!

Secondly, when choosing the winning contestant, we gave each contestant points based on which of the three criteria they completed. Each item met meant one point towards your name and a total of three points possible. Points equal the amount of times your name was entered into the system. We then entered all the names listed under Blog Followers, Comments, and Posts on our facebook Wall, into a randomizer, which mixed them all up and gave us our winning name!

And now, the grand reveal: The Winner of the January ScentSationals of the Month Set Giveaway is...
Leslie LeDuc!

Congratulations Leslie! Please email us at customersupport@scentsationals.com to collect your gorgeous Antique Greek Warmer and delicious White Pear Brulee Scented Wax! (***if contestant does not respond in 24 hours, a new winner will be chosen from the remaining contestants***)

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