Monday, September 13, 2010

Which Warmer? Which Warmer?

With school rolling, naturally, I spend a lot of time doing homework, and since I don't have a desk, my papers, notes, assignments, books, pens, pencils, (you get the idea), are scattered all over the Living Room floor. It's a nightmare, and one that won't go away because I'm always going to be having homework. Bottom line: I need a place dedicated just for homework purposes.

My hubster must've been getting annoyed with my seeming sloppiness and said, "Hun, why don't we get you a desk after work tomorrow?" In our small apartment, there isn't much room for extra furniture. We have barely enough room for the furniture we already have, (we do have a spare room but it's so full of stuff that there's no room for anything else!) so I asked where we could possibly fit a desk. My love pointed at the space of blank wall between the front door and the coat closet, a space we had previously left empty for a walkway/entryway.

It really would be perfect! ... With one small problem: my sloppy desk would be the first thing anyone saw when they walked through the front door! This won't do! So I thought on it for a while, as I finished up some homework last night. Then it hit me! Why don't I decorate the edge closest to the door, sort of a distraction, masking the desk as a decorative entryway table that could only be recognized as a desk if someone came further into the room (first impressions are what matter, right?) But what to decorate it with? It would have to be seasonal and trendy, catchy enough to distract from the piles of homework that will be accounting for every other inch of the desktop.

I've got it! ScentSationals has seasonal Warmers, available online at! If I use a Warmer on the table it just might do the trick! But which Warmer? Which Warmer?

The Harvest is gorgeous with it's orange and burgandy leaf-tray and wreathed with leaves, grape clusters, pumkins, corn-on-the-cob, and other fall parefenalia. The Pumpkin Patch Warmer has the same leaf-tray in a green, and a ribbed, pumpkin shape in the classic orange, trimmed with vines. For the Holiday Season, there's the Snowman Hearth, Frosty to a tee, with his carrot nose, high silk hat, and two eyes dark as coal. Or there's the Santa Hearth, his cheeks rosy, his eyes twinkling, and a fantasitc mustache and beard.

I think, out of the two Fall Warmers, the Pumpkin Warmer will fit my decor better (online at; only $14.99 for the month of September), and I can't resist the Santa Hearth Warmer for the Holiday season. I'll use them as the centerpeice of the arrangement, maybe with a little foliage and other small decor, and put in fragrances like Pumpkin Spice and Fresh-Cut Pine. Not only will people get a waft of delicious fragrance when we open the door, but they'll see a cute display instead of a schlew of papers and such. I love it!

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