Thursday, September 9, 2010

School "Scents"

School has started back up, and lately, as we've started pouring Harvest and Holiday fragrances here at ScentSationals, I've gotten all sorts of comments from fellow bus-riders, fellow students, even a teacher or two! Here's a little poem to give you the main idea:

School "Scents"

"Someone smells yummy!" says a girl in math.
"It must be some new purfume from Body and Bath."
I chuckle to myself, and say with a smile,
"Nope, guess again. It might take you a while."
Others join in: "I smell warm cookies, fresh from the stove!"
(Oatmeal Cookie)
"Well, I smell something tangy, with a hint of clove!"
(Orange Clove/Cranberry Clove)
"I smell a Christmas Tree, either fir or pine."
(Fresh Cut Pine)
"Well, I smell cinnamon. It's a favorite of mine."
(Sizzlin' Cinnamon)
The teacher walks in; the class gets all quiet.
"Whoever smells so good is gonna ruin my diet!"
She starts the lesson, and the classroom gets tense.
"Well," I sigh to myself, "I'm glad I have lots of 'scents'!"

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