Tuesday, August 17, 2010

ScentSational Neighbors

Being best friends, and not to mention newlyweds, my husband and I spend oodles of time together. We live in a little neighborhood where most of the people are like us: newly married couples. Most of us have been married under 5 years. Not having reached the 10 year mark, we women aren't bored of our spouses fetishes for hunting, football, or their unseemly habits of dropping things on the floor. As a matter of fact, we are still in the "thinking-our-husbands-are-perfect" stage. Who needs to branch out and make friends with the other women in the neighborhood when you have a captive friend 24/7, right?

I'll admit it, meeting my neighbors wasn't high on my priority list, so when my husband suggested that we knock on our neighbors door and introduce ourselves, I was a little hesitant. I mean, here's a man, my best friend, who can't reject me because he's married to me, right? But other women and other people in general aren't like that...they can reject. I started to doubt my ability to communicate with women, I mean I've been living with a man for two months, right?

But I went, I knocked, and I met my neighbors. They were a cute little couple, married for a little bit over a year now and their house was much more feminine than ours (I was a little jealous of that fact...I'm still training my husband to accept the fact that flowers can be masculine...he doesn't like my "daily brainwashing tactics" as he calls them to make him accept flowers on the sheets and heaven forbid the color pink be anywhere!)

As I was looking around at all the little trinkets and decor, I happened to notice a Scentsy Warmer on the end table. We started to talk about her favorite fragrances and I mentioned that I happened to work for ScentSationals. She got excited, saying she had seen us in Walmart and wanted to know which scents were our favorites so that she could spend her money on ones she would like instead of running the risk of getting a fragrance she doesn't like when I got an idea: give them a ScentSationals Warmer and Fragrances!

That's my plan, so tonight, my husband and I are going over to set it in motion!

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