Friday, August 6, 2010

Order Up!

Wow. We launched a promo code for the new website Grand Opening featuring a 20% discount off your entire purchase. That was Tuesday. Wednesday morning, when I got to work there were oodles of orders backed up. Just from the time I had clocked out the day before there were loads of 'em. It took me a good part of the morning to fill them all, and it seemed like every time I went back upstairs there was another one waiting for me. The stack by the door for the UPS man kept growing and growing steadily all day long. My opinion, we should launch promos more often because people are so excited about it!
Check out our facebook fan page for more info on the promo. It's still going until Tuesday, August 17th, 2010. Get a great deal on your favorite Warmers and Waxes by checking out facebook where the promo code has been released!

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