Friday, March 15, 2013

WINNERS!!! Facebook Friends Displayed Warmers Contest!!

TA DA!!!  We have WINNERS!!!!!!

This contest was SO much fun!! I am amazed at all of your creative ideas for displaying our warmers in your home. I have some redecorating to do in my home now! Thanks to you guys I have plenty of good ideas!  :)

We loved all of the varieties that came in... Funny, cute, creative, elegant.. etc.

Drum roll please.......

Congratulations Libby!! Our team loves how it looks like Mr. Sock Monkey is dominating the Jungle! :)

Congratulations Juliana!! This is HILARIOUS!!!! :)

Congratulations Nicole!! We love how you display this Tree of Life Warmer with your Family tied into it!

Congratulations Valarie!! We love the elegant display you have!

Congratulations Laura and thanks for the great idea!! We couldn't help but add a 5th winner in because we love this idea so much! We are going to do more Displayed Warmer Giveaways around the Holidays! So be thinking of ways you can display our Holiday Warmers in your home!!

What a fun Contest this has been!!! Thank you to everyone who participated, it was so fun to see how everyone displays their warmers. I am SO excited to do more contests and giveaways!!

Have a great weekend everyone!! :) 

* Michelle * 

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