Friday, January 6, 2012

The New Year and a Chance to WIN!

Happy New Year everyone!

Here we are, entering 2012 at high speed... I can hardly believe that it is already the 6th of the month! I hope the year slows down a bit so that we can all enjoy it to it's fullest. :)

I am not a 'resolution maker' but I can easily look ahead in the year and commit to a few things.
  1. I am excited to be the best Grandma that I can be, which of course includes a continued commitment to my family and the people around me that I care about. 
  2. I am looking forward to being creative in anyway that I can, including trying some new crafts, completing some projects that I've purchased and haven't had time to start, and maybe even re-visiting some past craft endeavors. 
  3. My husband would like me to resolve to ensuring that our puppy is fully house trained, however I can't commit to this one... I did mention I am NOT a resolution maker right? lol 
Anyways... to sum it all up, I guess what I'm trying to express is that I am embracing the coming year with optimism, happiness and excitement for all the things that it may hold. I hope that you too, are looking forward to the possibilities that the coming months hold!!

ScentSationals Welcomes the New Year with Fireworks! 
ScentSationals is also anticipating a VERY exciting coming year with all kinds of giveaways, contests, and new products!! Our new warmers are sure to be the most captivating, so stay tuned throughout January as we share the unveiling of our new designs at trade shows across the US and Canada! (yes, Canada!!) I'll be there with a camera and permission to click away to my heart's content!

Enter to win our draw for 4 free fragrances! 
This year, ScentSationals is also excited to be sponsoring ongoing giveaways of the wax fragrances that we feature in our reviews! Entering is very easy as you'll simply need to like the ongoing video reviews on our YouTube Channel and then leave us a comment on what fragrances you like, or would like us to review! Easy Peasy!

Enter to win this week's 4 fragrances! 
This weeks review has just been uploaded, so come and join me as I share Embers, Fireworks, Wild Thing and Tranquil. Four beautiful fragrances, that I think you will love as much as I do!
Add a little Wild Thing to your day! 


This contest is now closed. Congratulations to our winner themelissaCC!

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