Thursday, January 28, 2010

Wax Scent Review: Vanilla Orchid

OK, so we have 7 new fragrances for Winter 2010, which I have never personally melted in my ScentSationals warmer, so I thought I would melt one cube each day and write a review about each one.

For starters, I am melting one fragrance cube, not multiple, and I am in my office which is about 18' x 12' (just so you have an idea about the size of space I am using my warmer in).

I decided to start with Vanilla Orchid, I personally had never considered mixing vanilla with a floral scent, but it sounds interesting, and I love trying new things so here goes:

Vanilla Orchid in the package has a very floral note and a rather mild note of vanilla, almost in the background. When I popped the wax out of the package I noted the vanilla was stronger.

FYI, wax fragrances smell differently depending on how you are smelling them, the "just opened top note" that you get when you first open the clamshell package, or take the lid off the jar is different than if you pop the wax out of the clamshell and smell the underside of the wax, this is called the "bottom note".

The scent the wax emits when it is in it's solid state (cold throw), is different than when it is in it's melted state. Obviously the melted state is the strongest scent by far and the reason wickless candles do such a great job of filling the room(s) they are in with a rich aroma.

Vanilla Orchid's "cold throw" is rather mild, soft floral notes hinted with vanilla, on the underside the vanilla is stronger, but still subtle compared to the soft floral.

The warmer I melted the cube in was already warm when I placed the cube in it, and within about a minute I could already smell the fragrance filling the air around the warmer.

Upon melting, the fragrance from the cube is quite strong, it really fills the room well. Pleasantly, the vanilla stands out with the floral, so when I think about the vanilla I catch it in the air, and florals, being florals, of course are usually rather strong.

This is a great scent, with lots of fragrance, heating the wax for just a few minutes filled the office I am in, and keeps getting stronger, so I think I will actually turn the warmer off for a while and let the scent it has already released last a while.

If you love floral fragrances this is a very nice scent with a wonderful vanilla twist. Perfect as I sit and look at all of the snow on the ground outside my office window, it is cold here, really cold, and Vanilla Orchid is a great scent to take you away from the cold to a spring day with a twist of vanilla. (in your mind of course, the snow is still on the ground :)


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  1. Unfortunately this is discontinued and its my absolute favorite from ScentSational.